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gridMathematica Server

Published By: 

Wolfram Research, Inc.

gridMathematica Server 8 helps to increase the power of your Mathematica 8 licences by enabling integration with high performance computing systems. With gridMathematica you can easily distribute your Mathematica parallel computations over multiple CPUs or GPUs without needing to change your existing parallel code. gridMathematica Server works with a wide range of platforms including Microsoft HPC Server, Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Services, Sun Grid Engine and more. Whether you have a massively parallel task or just want a little boost, you can quickly grab some extra power when you need it. gridMathematica 8 adds the 500+ new features of Mathematica 8 into the shared grid engine.

Please note: gridMathematica requires a Mathematica Network Server and Increment (seat). Search for ¿Mathematica¿ to locate this license. gridMathematica does not include Mathematica licenses.

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gridMathematica Server


gridMathematica Server provides:

  • Grid deployment of all of Mathematica's functionality, including its state-of-the art, super-fast numerical routines, image processing, statistics, and finance capabilities. It even supports remote access to GPUs and the distributed on-the-fly generation and compilation of parallel C code.
  • Mathematica's broad platform support and 64-bit optimisations, including integration with many cluster management systems such as Altair PBS Professional, Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, Microsoft HPC Server, Platform LSF, and Sun Grid Engine.
  • A high-level parallel programming language automates much of the communication, synchronisation, data transfer and error recovery that usually makes grid computing difficult to set up.
  • Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager, which makes it easy for any Mathematica installation to launch computation kernels on shared remote high-performance computing (HPC) hardware and on the user's local machine and to instantly distribute computations over them.