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Product Details
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SAP SQL Anywhere

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Rapidly design and deploy embedded database applications – with SAP SQL Anywhere. The RDBMS solutions can provide secure, reliable data management and synchronization for thousands of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and remote environments. They let business users work uninterrupted, even without a network connection.

Capture, manage, and synchronize data in real-world conditions – even when connectivity and technical staff aren’t available. With SAP SQL Anywhere, you can:

  • Create data-driven applications that run remotely on laptops, handhelds, and smartphones
  • Embed data management capabilities into your mission-critical applications
  • Harmonize data, automatically and securely, with best-of-breed synchronization technologies
  • Collect and aggregate massive amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Minimize database admin with out-of-the-box performance and self-maintenance features
  • Use advanced features and flexible, standards-based platforms to speed app development

Product Variants

SAP SQL Anywhere Advanced Edition, Licence

SAP SQL Anywhere Advanced Edition, Maintenance

SAP SQL Anywhere Database And Sync Client, Licence

SAP SQL Anywhere Database And Sync Client, Maintenance

SAP SQL Anywhere Workgroup Edge Edition, Licence

SAP SQL Anywhere Workgroup Edge Edition, Maintenance


Functional Capabilities

  • Develop and deploy database-powered applications at the point of action
  • Empower field-based employees to perform tasks faster and with greater accuracy
  • Facilitate faster, more accurate decision making on the front lines of your business
  • Provide foolproof, bidirectional data synchronization between mobile devices and corporate systems
  • Give mobile and remote workers an “always on' experience, even when they are offline
  • Run mobile applications reliably, efficiently, and without on-site technical staff

Technical Capabilities

  • Enterprise-level relational database for mobile and remote applications
  • Highly scalable synchronization between the SAP HANA in-memory platform and other data sources
  • Reliable data synchronization for occasionally connected (OCC) environments
  • Embedded performance and self-managing features that streamline data maintenance
  • Standards-based platforms that accelerate application development
  • Support for a wide range of devices and platforms
  • Ability to run remote and mobile applications on low-cost commodity platforms


  • Faster, more accurate decision making at the front lines of your business
  • Reliable data synchronization for occasionally connected environments
  • Streamlined data maintenance with built-in self-managing capabilities
  • Wider choice of platforms and devices
  • Lower costs by running on commodity platforms

System Req.

Operating Systems

  • Windows x86 and x64
  • Windows Mobil
  • Linux x86 and x64
  • Solaris SPARC and x64
  • Apple OS X on Intel
  • HP-UX Itanium

Database server requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM,
Database client requires a minimum of 8 MB RAM and 4 KB per client connection (8 KB for Unix)