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SAP Crystal Server

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SAP Crystal Server 2016 (previously SAP Crystal Reports Server) is an entry-level business intelligence server that can help you securely view, share, schedule and deliver business information over the Web, via email, portals and Microsoft Office. Working together with SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Crystal Server can help you to securely access reports and dashboards, monitor business performance, personalise reports, integrate reporting into SharePoint, .NET and Java apps, and much more.

Product Variants

SAP Crystal Server 2011, Licence

SAP Crystal Server 2013, Additional Media Kit

SAP Crystal Server 2013, Licence

SAP Crystal Server 2013, Maintenance

SAP Crystal Server 2016, Licence

SAP Crystal Server 2016, Maintenance

New Features

Empower decision makers with easy, intuitive access to the BI tools small businesses must have. SAP Crystal Server software enables self-service access to reports, dashboards, and data exploration within a secure BI infrastructure that’s quick to deploy. Enable business users of all levels to make timely, fact-based decisions while reducing reporting backlogs and simplifying administrative tasks for your IT staff.

With this named user license of SAP Crystal Server, you will enjoy access to the full family of SAP Crystal Reports solutions, including: SAP Crystal Server, SAP Crystal Reports 2016, and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2016.

Put business analytics directly into the hands of decision makers and business users through:

  • Data-driven publishing that accelerates delivery of personalized reports to a dynamic list of recipients
  • A common semantic layer that makes corporate data readily accessible
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications to provide users with information inside the solutions they work with the most
  • Fast and secure mobile deployment through a wireless connection with enhanced security and automatic transfer of administrative policies
  • Accelerated start with simplified deployment, configuration wizards, and migration tools make configuration faster and easier
  • Administrative support for lifecycle management, auditing, and system monitoring to minimize ongoing cost of ownership


  • BI for everyone - access reports, dashboards, and explore corporate data to get the critical information you need, all from a single solution.
  • Guided data exploration - find critical information across all your applications and data sources with simple keyword searches and intuitive exploration capabilities.
  • Instant mobile access to information - extend SAP Crystal Reports and SAP BusinessObjects Data Explorer documents to iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Get started Quickly - simplified deployment and migration tools make configuration faster and easier.
  • Common semantic layer - make your corporate data easier for business users to access with a consistent semantic layer.
  • SAP Crystal Reports software for enterprise - create presentation-quality reports quickly with a new version of SAP Crystal Reports, optimised for accessing data through Universes.
  • Data-driven publishing - deliver personalised reports to a dynamic list of recipients.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint - provide users with information inside the applications they work with the most.
  • Security and integration - integrate reports and dashboards into an existing security infrastructure.
  • Fast and secure mobile deployment - deploy quickly via a wireless connection with enhanced security and automatic transfer of administrative policies
  • Administration - support lifecycle management, auditing, and monitoring to minimize ongoing cost of ownership.



Crystal Server can either be purchased with Concurrent Access Licences (CALs) or Named User Licences (NULs):

  • Concurrent Access Licences (CALs): provides access to any individual up to the number of CALs purchased. If you bought 10 CALs, up to 10 employees can access reports, dashboards etc. but no more than 10 employees can do so at any one time. CALs are intended for casual reporting users.
  • Named User Licences (NULs): provides guaranteed access for named individuals to reports, dashboards, Dashboard Builder functionality etc. NULs are intended for users that require guaranteed access to reports, dashboards, data exploration and BI workspaces.


Maintenance is available for Crystal Server and enables you to receive support for the product along with all major and minor upgrades for the term of your subscription.

Data-driven Publishing

If you require publishing functionality, the number of recipients varies depending on the number of CALs purchased:

  • 5 CALs - 100 recipients
  • 10 CALs - 250 recipients
  • 20 CALs - 1000 recipients
  • 250 CALs - unlimited recipients

Analytics Edition

SAP Crystal Server analytics edition is a high-performance analytics solution in a single package. It includes SAP Crystal Server, SAP Sybase IQ for data warehousing and SAP Data Integrator, Edge edition as an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution. Analytics edition can either be purchased as NULs or CALs in increments of 5 up to a maximum of 100 NUL and 250 CAL. Deployment of SAP Crystal Server is limited to a single machine and connectivity to other SAP systems is not permitted, excluding SAP Business One. SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Data Integrator have specific runtime limitations as part of the analytics edition: one instance of SAP Data Integrator may be deployed on the same server as Crystal Server or on a separate server with a maximum of 3 CPUs. SAP Data Integrator can only be used to load data into the included SAP Sybase IQ server from two non-SAP data sources. It does not include text data processing or data quality management and cannot be used for data distribution out of SAP Sybase IQ. Only one instance of SAP Sybase IQ may be deployed on the same server as SAP Crystal Server or on a separate server up to a maximum of 16 cores. It can only be used with SAP Crystal Server.


  • SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, and SAP Crystal Server, add-on for mobile solutions licenses are purchased separately
  • Note that a single deployment cannot exceed 250 CALs and 100 NULs
  • Data-driven publishing is only available with CALs
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard Design viewing and Dashboard Builder functionality are only available with NULs
  • Clustering, load balancing, and failover are not supported.
  • For each deployment, SAP Crystal Server may be installed and used only on a single server.

Notes for developers

  • Developers who use this technology to build applications that will be redistributed, sold, or deployed to a third party, need to purchase a copy of SAP Crystal Server for each installation.
  • An OEM license is required when granting access to commercial applications that use SAP Crystal Server to third parties.

Licensing SAP Crystal Server can be complicated and we recommend you contact us so we can advise you on the best course of licensing for your specific requirements.

System Req.

CPU performance of at least 8000 SAPS

16 GB RAM or more

Disk space
11 GB hard disk space

Operating systems
Windows Server 2012 R2 SP02+, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1, Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2, Red Hat EL 7 x86_64, Red Hat EL 6 x86_64 update 2, Red Hat EL 5 x86_64 update 3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 x86_64, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 x86_64

IE 8, 9, 10, 11, Firefox ESR 31.x, Google Chrome