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Product Details
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) boxshot.

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

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Drive faster, more reliable online transaction processing (OLTP) – for less – with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly SAP Sybase ASE). Designed to meet the demands of the digital economy, this high-performance SQL database server uses a relational model to power transaction-based applications – on premise or in the cloud.

  • Maintain the performance and availability you need for mission-critical transaction processing
  • Rely on a proven, secure SQL database system to reduce risk and increase agility
  • Lower operational costs with a resource-efficient database server
  • Simplify and innovate with end-to-end data management solutions from SAP

Product Variants

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Edge Edition, Advanced Version, Licence

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Edge Edition, Advanced Version, Maintenance


Functional Capabilities

  • High-speed data and transaction processing - Quickly process millions of transactions, while supporting rapid growth in data and transaction volumes.
  • Robust database security - Rely on best-in-class data security, system stability, and disaster recovery to reduce operational risks.
  • Efficient relational database system - Harness a powerful relational database system that requires fewer resources and makes the most of underutilized assets.
  • Reduced IT costs - Shrink IT costs by optimizing storage, processors, and staff resources.

Technical Capabilities

  • In-memory computing - Equip applications with instant responsiveness and higher throughput by using the latest in-memory database architectures.
  • Flexible encryption and database security technology - Safeguard your data from internal and external security breaches without changing applications.
  • Unified architecture for business continuity - Protect against planned and unplanned downtime with a unified architecture for high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Advanced in-database compression - Compress large data sets to lower storage costs and improve overall performance.
  • Workload analyzer - Quickly assess the impact of configuration changes on application performance – without disrupting production systems.

System Req.

Operating Systems

  • AIX 64
  • HP-UX ON IA64
  • Linux for ZSERIES
  • Linux on IA64
  • Linux on POWER
  • Linux on X86 32-BIT
  • Linux on X86_64
  • OS/400, Solaris for X64
  • Solaris/SPARC 64
  • Windows for IA64
  • Windows for X86_64
  • Z/OSAIX 64
  • HP-UX on IA64
  • LINUX on Power
  • LINUX on X86_64
  • SOLARIS for X64
  • WINDOWS Client 32-BIT
  • WINDOWS for X64
  • WINDOWS For X86_64