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SQL Toolbelt

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The SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to access 15 of Redgate's essential SQL Server tools bundled into a single installer. By purchasing this bundle of tools you can save over 60% compared with buying each tool separately. You also get a year's access to the top 20 SQL Server titles on Safari Books Online.

Product Variants

SQL Toolbelt, Licence


What's included?

SQL Compare Pro
Compares and synchronises SQL Server database schemas.

SQL Data Compare Pro
Compares and synchronises SQL Server database contents.

SQL Source Control
Connect your existing source control system to SQL Server.

SQL Prompt
Write, edit, and explore SQL effortlessly.

SQL Search
Search within SQL Server database schemas.

SQL Data Generator
Generate realistic test data fast

Document your databases automatically

SQL Test
Unit test databases in SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Multi Script Unlimited
Single-click script execution on multiple servers.

SQL Dependency Tracker
Visualises SQL Server object dependencies.

SQL Comparison SDK
Automate comparison and synchronisation tasks.

SQL Monitor
SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting.

SQL Backup Pro
Compress, securely encrypt and strengthen backups - fast.