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SQL Prompt Professional

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SQL Prompt strips away all the tedium of coding in SQL, and leaves you to sink your teeth into the good bits. You won't have to memorise object and stored procedure names - SQL Prompt autocompletes them. You won't have to traipse about hunting column dependencies - just check them from the query window. It takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other piddling distractions, so that you can concentrate on how the code actually works. Whether you need to write, edit, or explore database code, SQL Prompt makes things effortless.

SQL Prompt is fully compatible with SQL Server 2012.

Product Variants

SQL Prompt Professional, Licence

SQL Prompt Professional, Renewal


Write SQL smoothly

  • Unparalleled code completion with partial matching
  • Customisable code snippets
  • Intelligent JOIN condition suggestions
  • Instant access to schema information.

Make code readable

  • Customisable code reformatting
  • Share formatting styles with team members
  • Upper case keywords
  • Qualify object names automatically.

Refactor your code

  • Rename objects without breaking dependencies
  • Encapsulate SQL code as a stored procedure
  • Expand wildcards
  • Split tables.

Explore your database

  • Find invalid database objects
  • Script objects as ALTER directly from queries
  • View script summaries
  • Find unused variables and parameters.

SSMS and Visual Studio Support

SQL Prompt supports both SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio:

  • SQL Server Management Studio: 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005, 2000, including SQL Server Express Edition
  • Visual Studio Support: 2010, 2008, 2005
  • Supports SQL Server on Amazon RDS.


SQL Prompt Standard

  • Code completion (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Instant access to schema information (supported for Visual Studio)
  • SQL snippets (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Statement expansion (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Find invalid objects
  • Search
  • Column dependencies (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Auto-generation of aliases (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Script as ALTER from query window
  • Wildcard expansion - single instance (supported for Visual Studio).

SQL Prompt Pro

SQL Prompt Pro contains all the capabilities of SQL Prompt Standard, plus:

  • Wildcard expansion - entire script (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Format SQL (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Decrypt encrypted objects (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Summarise scripts (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Find unused variables and parameters (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Qualify object names (supported for Visual Studio)
  • Smart rename
  • Split table
  • Encapsulate as stored procedure
  • Uppercase keywords (supported for Visual Studio).

All features are supported in SSMS.