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SQL Doc is a fast, simple tool which automatically generates database documentation. You can create documents in HTML, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files. Information about object definitions and dependencies is automatically included, and you can add further descriptions to your database objects if necessary. SQL Doc integrates with SSMS, so you can document a database by right-clicking in the Object Explorer.

Product Variants

SQL Doc, Licence

SQL Doc, Renewal


What type of documents can I create?

  • HTML documents
  • Printable Microsoft Word documents
  • Compiled HTML Help files (.CHM).

Key Features

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • Automatically generate complete database documentation
  • Document multiple databases
  • Obtain an overview of the database schema
  • View inter-object and inter-database dependencies
  • Annotate all parts of the database schema using extended properties
  • Document databases from within SSMS, by right-clicking in the Object Explorer.