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SQL Dependency Tracker

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SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to dynamically explore and document all your database object dependencies, using a range of graphical layouts. SQL Dependency Tracker integrates with SSMS, so you can explore a database by right-clicking in the Object Explorer.

Product Variants

SQL Dependency Tracker, Licence


  • Graphically track and explore database object dependencies
  • Visualise dependencies from within SSMS, by right-clicking in the Object Explorer
  • Track multiple databases on one diagram
  • Search, sort, and filter objects
  • Find independent objects
  • Show column names
  • Include or hide constraints, system objects, and filegroup dependencies
  • Show source SQL scripts for objects
  • Choice of multiple automatic layouts
  • Analyse the impact of changes as objects are added automatically
  • Print directly from the diagram or export as PDF
  • Document object dependencies for archiving, reporting, version control, and auditing
  • Export XML definitions of dependencies for offline processing
  • Load/save diagrams as projects to use offline
  • Proprietary dependency engine, independent of Microsoft sysdepends table
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server on Amazon RDS.