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Quest Software International

vReplicator delivers simple, fast VMware ESX and ESXi replication and disaster recovery, optimised for image-based data handling. A 'set-it-and-forget-it' configuration protects dynamic VMware environments with a practical disaster recovery plan that creates exact replicas of your virtual machines. You can setup efficient VMware replication to local or remote sites for easier access during data protection projects. The need for off-site tape rotations will be reduced or eliminated by relocating images to offsite locations as frequently as needed.

Product Variants

Vreplicator with Complete Bundle

Vreplicator with Complete PPM Bundle

Vreplicator with PPM Pack

Vreplicator with SMB Data Protection Pack

Vreplicator with SMB Data Protection Pack with PPM

Vreplicator with Vessentials Pro

Vreplicator with Vessentials Pro Pack

Vreplicator, Renewal


VMware ESX and ESXi Support

Provides a wide range of DR capabilities for VMware infrastructures.

Active Block Mapping(ABM), patented

Eliminates inactive and white space blocks from replicated Windows guest images to speed replication and reduce network and storage requirements.

Change Block Tracking (CBT)

Eliminates the time required to scan for changed blocks in guest images on vSphere hypervisor systems to speed backup and replication jobs.

Delta-Based Replication

Transfers only changed data blocks to dramatically speed replication and reduce network requirements.

Delta Block Data Synch

Compares the production VM with its replica image and resolves any differences by sending only the delta blocks; this feature is particularly useful for enabling more flexible alternatives for initial deployment that avoid transfer of all data across the network, and for re-synch of data following network or system failures.

Full, Incremental and Hybrid Replication

Provides the full range of options required to replicate images effectively and efficiently over LANs and WANs.


Offers on-site and off-site replication for flexible and reliable disaster recovery.

Automated DR Test Support

Automates the steps in the DR test process to avoid delays and help complete walk-through perhaps for the first time in your environment.

Thin Disk Support

Supports vSphere thin disk provisioning, to reduce network and storage space requirements.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256

Secures protected images block by block on the VMware host as they are read so they are also secure over the network and in the backup repository.

Advanced Savepoint Management

Allows you to manage and use multiple point-in-time (PIT) copies of replica images for precise disaster recovery.

Direct-to-Target (D2T) Architecture

Distributes job execution and movement of data to improve protection performance and ensure seamless scalability.

Remote Management

Lets you manage data protection jobs through a central console over LAN and WAN connections for control across all systems and sites in an environment.


Each physical CPU socket on ESX host source requires 1 CPU license (quad CPU ESX host requires 4 CPU licenses), unlimited number of cores.

System Req.

System Requirements

  • Hypervisor support for replication that includes VMware ESX 3.x-4.x and ESXi platforms
  • Any guest VM supported by VMware
  • Storage support using CIFS, SFTP, NFS and FTP
  • API support that includes vCenter Server, vStorage, Microsoft Windows and Quest Software vAPI.

Operating Requirements

  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP2 (x86 or x64); Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (x86 or x 64); Windows Server 2008 SP2 (x86 or x64); Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (x64).
  • Database Repository - SQL Express 2005 database (default); SQL Express 2005 [Embedded option] SP 2; SQL Express 2005 SP 4; SQL Express 2008 SP 3; SQL Express 2008 R2 SP1; SQL Express 2012 N/A.
  • Hardware Requirements - (physical server) CPU: 2 dual-core; RAM: 2 GB; Storage: 4 GB; HBA: 2 for LAN-free; (virtual server) CPU: 4 vCPU; RAM: 4 GB; Storage: 4 GB.