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Quest Software International

SharePlex for Oracle is a mature, high-performance, high-availability technology that offers a low-cost alternative to other Oracle replication tools. Unlike other solutions, SharePlex provides data compare and repair, in-flight data integrity, plus monitoring and alerting functionalities - all in one package.

This Oracle replication solution ensures business continuity while meeting your database operational goals. It provides a real-time copy of production data - without impacting your OLTP system¿s performance and availability.

Product Variants

Shareplex For Hana Unix/Linux

Shareplex For Hana Windows

Shareplex For JMS/Files Enterprise Edition/BI

Shareplex For JMS/Files Enterprise Edition/BI NT

Shareplex For JMS/Files Enterprise Edition/BI UX

Shareplex For JMS/Files Standard Edition NT

Shareplex For JMS/Files Standard Edition UX

Shareplex For Kafka Unix/Linux

Shareplex For Kafka Windows

Shareplex for Postgres Unix/Linux

Shareplex for Postgres Windows

Shareplex For SQL Server Enterprise Edition/BI

Shareplex For SQL Server Standard Edition

Shareplex For Teradata Unix/Linux

Shareplex For Teradata Windows

Shareplex Standard Edition NT

Shareplex Standard Edition Unix

Shareplex Sybase Target Standard Edition


  • Ease of Use - installs quickly and easily, so you can use everything required for data replication within 15 minutes ¿ without ever requiring any add-ons or management packs. Provides educational resources in the online community to further optimise replication.
  • Data Accuracy and Integrity - ensures target instances are accurate representations of the source database. Provides peer-to-peer monitoring and conflict detection and resolution (predefined and user defined). Uses compare-and-repair to reveal anomalies between source and target for rapid delta resolution ¿ it¿s the only tool on the market that fixes data anomalies (repair).
  • Improved Performance - offloads process-intensive reports outside the main production database server. Replicates large volumes of changes without spikes in network activity.
  • Migration Failback - reverts quickly to the original system should something go wrong on the post-migration system.
  • Supports Oracle Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition - supports mixed environments with differing source and target operating systems, database editions, and database versions, including 8i through 11g, clustered environments, and ASM, RAC, and Exadata (2).
  • Flexible Datatype Support - supports LOBs, including SecureFile LOBs, UDTs, LONG, Varray, Oracle Advanced Compression, and Oracle Table Encryption.
  • Unrivaled Affordability - offers all the functionality of GoldenGate ¿ in one complete package ¿ at a fraction of the price.

System Req.

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM, per process memory >= 256MB
  • Additional Software: SQL Plus
  • Additional Requirements: recommended hard limit system file descriptors setting of a min. of 1024 or higher (as system permits), the Oracle database must employ at least the minimal level supplemental logging enabled.