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Product Details
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Quest Software International

Foglight significantly lowers the cost of monitoring applications while ensuring application service delivery meets business and end user needs. It provides a correlated, 360 degree view of your applications from end user to database and from service levels to infrastructure - to source the root cause of every incident impacting your business and to fix them quickly.

Foglight can help you:

  • Lower the operational cost of managing applications
  • Mitigate risk of downtime
  • Improve compliance with application SLAs
  • Reduce incident counts and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of incidents
  • Provide visibility for IT and the business

Product Variants

Foglight Active Directory Cartridge

Foglight Capacity Director for Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition

Foglight Cartridge Bundle for Exchange & Active Directory

Foglight Cartridge for Active Directory

Foglight Cartridge For XEN Desktop And XENAPP

Foglight Database

Foglight Exchange Cartridge

Foglight Failover Server For FSM

Foglight for Active Directory

Foglight for DB2

Foglight for DB2 Advanced

Foglight for DB2 Zlinux

Foglight for Exchange

Foglight for Office 365

Foglight for Oracle

Foglight For Oracle Performance Investigator Edition

Foglight For SQL Server SQL Performance Investigator Edition

Foglight for SQL Server, Licence

Foglight for SQL Server, Renewal

Foglight for Storage Management With PPM Pack

Foglight for Storage Management, Licence

Foglight for Storage Management, Renewal

Foglight for Sybase

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition With Capacity Director

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition, Licence

Foglight for Virtualization For Openstack

Foglight Os Management

Foglight Server For FSM