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PRTG Network Monitor

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Paessler AG

PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful network monitoring solution from Paessler AG. It provides a comprehensive set of sensors along with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for comprehensive bandwidth, uptime and performance monitoring. It features agentless monitoring using a variety of protocols (SNMP, WMI, SSH) with a customisable notification and alert system that can notify you in different ways (email, SMS, pager). Suitable for networks of any size, Paessler PRTG Network Monitor comes with everything required, with no hidden costs and an easy, flexible licensing model based on the number of sensors in use.

PRTG is a network monitoring solution that track every aspects of your IT infrastructure from systems, devices, traffic to applications, all of which is contained in one simple installer with no additional downloads required. Monitor memory and disk usage, uptime, bandwidth and more.

PRTG comes in a variety of licensing options; the PRTG XL 1 licence, currently on discount, allows one single core server installation without software-defined limits for the number of probes, sensor, users etc. you have. Please keep in mind that it has physical performance limitations set by the hardware and performance of the system that you run PRTG on, combined with the usage of certain features of PRTG.

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Product Variants

PRTG Network Monitor, Commercial - Licence

PRTG Network Monitor, Commercial - Renewal

PRTG Network Monitor, Commercial - Upgrade

PRTG Network Monitor, Government/Academic - Licence

PRTG Network Monitor, Government/Academic - Renewal

PRTG Network Monitor, Government/Academic - Upgrade

New Features

What's new in the latest major release?

  • Rewritten web interface - rewritten web interface now loads faster and is more intuitive to use. Pages and dashboards have been redesigned, settings get loaded in layer popups so you never lose the context of your work, there are new interactive breadcrumbs, QR codes for easy access to pages on your mobile plus many other tweaks.
  • Revised mobile web GUI - the updated mobile GUI is easier to read and features a new look and feel.
  • Similar sensors analysis - automatically detects similar sensor data and shows matches based on heuristic calculations.
  • Display of sensor limits - show sensor limits (e.g. upper or lower warning limit) in sensor gages and graphs.
  • Updated SNMP monitoring - now supports SNMP v3 with AES encryption along with better stability.
  • Performance improvements for systems with 12+ CPUs - makes better use of CPU power on larger servers.
  • Updated sensors - numerous sensors have seen updates including the WMI logical disk sensor, email round trip sensor, WMI service sensor etc.
  • Download graphs - graphs can now be downloaded as SVG files.
  • Compress PDFs - when sending reports as PDF files via email, they can be compressed to save on space.
  • Plus much more - many other updates and bug fixes.


Quick download, installation and configuration

  • Quick ad-hoc Download - no web forms or registration hassles
  • Runs on all Windows versions XP or later - server or workstation, 32 or 64 bit
  • Installs in 3 minutes - no additional downloads (.NET, SQL Server etc.) required
  • Interactive guidance by the software - for initial setup, most users will not need to read the manual (or need to have training)
  • Option 1 - Auto Discovery creates sensors for your network (about 1 min per device)
  • Option 2 - manual device/sensor setup (about 5 min per device).

Easy to use: Choose between five user interfaces

  • Full featured web browser based interface - state of the art, AJAX based web site - now with improved performance and functionality
  • HTML only, minimalistic web browser based interface (feature limited) for older browsers and mobile devices (runs on IE 6/7/8, iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Enterprise Console - native Windows application especially for large installations. Supports viewing monitoring data of several PRTG installations in one single application.
  • Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android smartphones / tablets - access monitoring status while on the go (separate download)
  • All user interfaces allow SSL-secured local and remote access and can be used simultaneously.

Comprehensive network monitoring

  • More than 150 sensor types covering all aspects of network monitoring
  • Uptime/Downtime Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring using SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, Packet Sniffing
  • Application Monitoring
  • Virtual Server Monitoring
  • SLA monitoring
  • QoS Monitoring (e.g. when using VoIP)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • LAN, WAN, VPN, and Multiple Site Monitoring
  • Extensive event logging
  • IPv6 support
  • Agent-less monitoring (optional agents (remote probes) allow monitoring for even deeper metrics).

Flexible alerting

  • 9 notification technologies: Send Email, SMS/Pager, syslog and SNMP Trap, HTTP request, Event log entry, Play alarm sound files, Amazon SNS, any external technology that can be triggered by an EXE or batch file
  • Status alerts (up, down, warning)
  • Limit alerts (value above/below x)
  • Threshold alerts (above/below x for y minutes)
  • Multiple condition alerts (x and y are down)
  • Escalation alerts (extra notifications every x min during downtime)
  • Dependencies (avoid alarm floods)
  • Acknowledge Alarms (no more notifications for this alarm)
  • Alert Scheduling (no low priority alerts at night).

PRTG Cluster Failover solution

  • In a PRTG Cluster up to 5 PRTG instances ('Nodes') work together to create a failover tolerant monitoring system.
  • Not even a software update causes downtime for a PRTG cluster.
  • The cluster performs automatic failovers: If the primary node fails or loses connection to the cluster, another node immediately becomes the master server and takes over the sending of notifications. Thus notifications are always sent, even if the primary master has no connectivity or has crashed.
  • Moreover, you can achieve multiple points-of-presence monitoring, all nodes monitor all sensors all the time. This means that response times are measured from different locations in the network (LAN/WAN/VPN) and can be compared with each other. Additionally, aggregated up/downtimes can be computed.
  • And here comes the best part: All PRTG licenses allow you to create a 'Single Failover' installation (two installations of PRTG working together) with just one license key (additional license keys are required for 3 or more nodes).

Please note: Remote Probes can only be connected to one node of a cluster.

Distributed monitoring using remote probes

With the so called Remote Probes, PRTG Network Monitor can be used to monitor several networks in different locations:

  • Monitor all subsidiaries from the headquarter
  • Monitor separated networks within your company (e.g. DMZ and LAN)
  • As MSP you can monitor your customer's networks and increase the quality of service
  • All you need one central installation of the PRTG Core Server. Each PRTG license includes unlimited Remote Probes.

Data publishing and maps

  • Real time dashboards with live performance and status information
  • Private and public dashboards: e.g. screens for network operations centers or maps with at-a-glance information for other employees
  • Interactive map designer with more than 300 different map objects (network icons, status icons, traffic charts, top 10 lists, etc.).

Easy to understand - multi-language interface

  • PRTG comes in different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. You can easily switch between these languages, even after the installation. PRTG can also be translated into any other language using the PRTG Translation Tool.

In-depth reporting

  • Reports in HTML or PDF format
  • Reporting tasks can be run ad-hoc or scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Historic monitoring data can be exported as HTML, XML, CSV
  • More than 30 report templates included: detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors, uptime/downtime (% and seconds), good/failed requests (% and totals), Top 100 Bandwidth Usage, Top 100 CPU Usage, Top 100 Ping Times, Top 100 Disk Space, Top 100 Uptime/Downtime and several others.

High performance design and high security standards

  • PRTG supports monitoring from 1 up to 20,000 sensors per installation (max. number of sensors under optimal conditions): Paessler's proprietary database system is highly optimised for monitoring data (data is accessible through API), much faster than SQL servers with less CPU usage, powerful enough to store years of data for thousands of sensors.
  • Low system requirements: even a Netbook can monitor 1,500 sensors
  • Multiple Probes allow to distribute high loads
  • Multi-site monitoring secured by SSL encryption for probe and cluster connections
  • SSL secured web server (HTTPS) for Web, Windows, iOS, and Android GUI
  • Multiple User accounts with shared and private sensors as well as rights management.

Support for customisation

  • Customisable Web interfaces (reports and web interface can be 'branded')
  • Custom Sensors (EXE, CMD, Powershell, etc.)
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Device Templates
  • Import of MIB files
  • PRTG RESTful API allows to create/edit/delete monitoring objects and to access monitoring data
  • PRTG translation tool - translate the PRTG interface into your language.


Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is licenced by the number of sensors. There are two special licences that support an unlimited number of sensors:

  • Unlimited Licence - can only be installed on one computer
  • Corporate Licence - allows multiple installations of the core server in different sites of one corporation, as long as these sites are in the same country.

A sensor is defined as any particular, individual monitoring entity, e.g. monitoring one network service, one url, one CPU load etc.

PRTG XL 1 - This license allows one single core server installation. The number of sensors and number of remote probes on this one installation are not restricted, however, Paessler officially supports only up to 10 000 sensors on this single core server installation.

PRTG XL 5 - This license allows up to 5 core server installations of a company worldwide. The number of sensors and number of remote probes on each installation are not restricted. However, Paessler officially supports only up to 10 000 sensors on each single core server installation.


When purchasing a license you receive 12 months of software maintenance.

During the time of this software maintenance

  • you can log in to download the latest version for free at any time (this includes all bugfixes and all new versions of the product that you have purchased)
  • you are entitled to receive priority email support via the support-ticket system
  • you can log in to re-request your license key for free at any time.

The software maintenance can be renewed after one year. For your convenience, we will give you advance notification before your maintenance plan expires.

After expiration, you will no longer be able to access new versions. When you extend your software maintenance plan, Paessler will sum up the total maintenance packages and calculate the duration from the time of the initial purchase of the license on.

In the case of support issues, priority is always given to customers with maintenance contracts.

System Req.

Recommended Setup for Most PRTG Users

It is recommend that you run the PRTG core server as well as all remote probes

  • directly on x64 PC/server hardware (not older than 2 years)
  • on Windows Server 2012 R2 having .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 installed.

There are many parameters that influence the performance and stability of PRTG, but for the vast majority of PRTG users the sizing recommendations on the below PDF for the hardware of the PRTG server work fine:

System requirements PDF