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MAP for MindManager boxshot.

MAP for MindManager

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Olympic Limited

Accelerate your Mindjet MindManager experience the Mapping Action Pack! Packed with 48 new functions for MindManager & over 350 monotone Icons/Images in 5 colors the MAP is the essential companion product that complements MindManager and helps you Map better and faster then ever before!

Product Variants

MAP for MindManager - Enterprise Edition


Navigation - The Navigation group contains functions to help you navigate your Map collection.
Exports - The Exports group contains functions to help utilize your Map content in other applications
AutoViews - AutoViews automate MindManager elements as you work with your Maps to save you time
Show/Hide - Show/Hide functions help you clear Map Properties and Task Panes to save on canvas real estate.
Map Actions - Map Actions help you perform time saving actions across your Maps such as clearing specific Task information.
Topic Actions - The Topic Actions group helps you sort Topics, resize Topic images and much more.
Topic Properties - Topic Properties will help you extend the use of MindManager’s Properties & Formulas
Linking - Linking provides functions to help navigate large Maps & manipulate hyperlinked files.
Math - Math group enables you to perform basic calculations on a numerical Topic. You cam also sum selected numerical Topics.
Map Tools - Map Tools provide simple utilities to help you Map better & faster.
Images/Icons - Over 350 Images & Icons to make your Maps more visual

System Req.

Currently available for the following MindManager for Windows versions:

  • MindManager 2016 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MindManager 15 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • MindManager 14
  • Mindjet 11