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Product Details
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Idera DB Change Manager

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Idera DB Change Manager is an essential database change management tool for DBAs and data professionals.Simplify change operations with automated comparison and synchronisation capabilities. Quickly find changes, streamline upgrades to new releases and identify environmental differences that occur due to data, schema and database configuration level changes.

Product highlights

  • Quickly and easily carry out any database changes
  • Identify, track and report on how a database has changed
  • Database audit and reporting compliance
  • Data privacy protection
  • Align with data governance by alleviating organisational risks

Product Variants

Idera DB Change Manager, Commercial - Licence

Idera DB Change Manager, Commercial - Update Subscription


Key Features

Schema archive and compare

Capture and compare any schema differences between one or more live or archived databases.

Synchronisation and roll-back

Syncrhonise chosen objects or restore them to a prior state by producing alter scripts. Preserve data and mange object dependencies.

Schema auto-synchronisation

Once there's a successful comparison, synchronise the target to match the source automatically. Plus, promote schema chnages from development to test andpromote to production.

Data comparison and synchronisation

Comapre and synchronise data that is either inside one or between two difference databases.

Job notification

Receive notifications of job statuses via email.

Multi-platform support

Use the tools on all supported plaftorms from a single license, and manage all major DBMS's from a singular interface

Configuration standards

Create standards by using customised or live configurations. Check for security liabilities and performance standards by audting database configurations

Data masking

Comply with international privacy laws and ensure accurate testing.

Archive configuration and scheme settings

For compliance auditing and reporting, have the historical records on hand with schema and configuration archives.

Schema comparison detail report

This report highlights any changed objects, whether that's between schema archives, data sources, or both. For easy comparison, DDL differences are colour-coded.