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Product Details
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Blancco Mobile Device Eraser

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Blancco UK

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser is designed to securely erase the internal flash memory and other storage devices such as external memory cards in smartphones. All user data, such as emails, contacts, text messages and other confidential data, is permanently erased, facilitating the safe reuse or resale of the asset. Simply deleting data from a smartphone or restoring factory settings is not enough to ensure that data is permanently destroyed.

Product Variants

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser



  • Independent of host system OS.
  • Process up to 50 target devices simultaneously.
  • iOS Activation Lock (Find My iPhone) detection.
  • Efficient iOS firmware distribution via local network from central repository.
  • Detailed statistics visible directly in the UI (e.g., success rate, top-5 processed models, volume handling per hour, percentage rates of processed operating systems).
  • Label printing available with fully customizable print layouts.
  • Admin mode for managing user rights.


  • Choose from 13 different erasure methods for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, such as HMG, DoD, and Peter Gutmann’s algorithm. Security wipe method supported for BlackBerry devices.
  • iOS-specific capabilities include crypto erase, storage overwriting, firmware reinstall and automated passcode bypass.
  • Android-specific capabilities include reset & report (factory reset).
  • Configurable process allows for automatic start when target device connected or for manual confirmation prior to start.
  • Configurable “Minimum Battery Level' settings for all target devices to ensure successful completion.
  • Failed target devices can be retried without consuming additional licenses.
  • User Interface supports custom views, sorting and USB port naming.


  • Full transparency of erasure process ensures a seamless audit trail
  • Comprehensive reports include details such as target device name and model, IMEI code, and storage capacity.
  • Unlimited custom fields to suite internal / external audit or certification needs.
  • Blancco Management Console enables report viewing and automated sharing.
  • Automated report backup in case of power outage or other unexpected local issue.


  • 23 tests for iOS, 25 tests for Android.
  • Automatic and user-assisted tests.
  • Test duration from 30 sec. to 3 min. depending on number of tests deployed.


  • Built on Linux kernel.
  • Bootable via CD/DVD, USB or PXE.
  • Installable to host system hard drive for permanent installation.
  • Automatic update from network.


Fast and Effective Erasure
Allows you to conduct high-speed erasure of up to 50 iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices at once to improve processing time and productivity. Instantaneous USB connectivity ensures you’re up and running without delay.

Comprehensive Diagnostics
Permits you to verify iOS and Android device functionality with over 20 diagnostics tests to validate salvage value and ROI, increasing value on open market.

Flexible and User-Friendly Interface
Let’s you closely monitor ongoing erasure and diagnostic processes to improve success rate and reduce turn-around time. Enables you to customize the UI to suit your needs and improve usability.

Comprehensive Reporting
Provides you with customizable, digitally-signed certificates for each processed device to create a fully transparent audit trail and demonstrate compliance.

System Req.


  • iOS (all versions).
  • Android (from 2.0 onwards).
  • Windows Phone (from 7.0 onwards).
  • BlackBerry (5.x, 6.x and 7.x).