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Flexera gives companies clarity into their technology “black hole,” helping business leaders turn IT insight into action. With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimisation and agility, Flexera helps enterprises realise IT’s full potential to accelerate their businesses.

Flexera’s Supplier Division with its Installation, Software Composition Analysis and Software Monetization solutions is now Revenera. While the brand name has changed, the solutions, high quality service and exceptional experience remains the same. You can find all the products in the Installation/Revenera tab.

Sigma has been a proud partner and distributor of Flexera since 2009. Our Flexera business development manager can help resellers scope opportunities, license correctly and close more business deals.

Product categories:

  • Application Readiness (3 Products)
  • Installation / Revenera (2 Products)
  • Software Vulnerability Management (1 Product)
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