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The Public Sector year end is fast approaching and you can maximise your sales by offering a range of innovative, cost-effective and proven solutions via Sigma. Our vendors cover solutions from migration and Active Directory administration to database governance and security, and include Flexera, ManageEngine, Quest, SAP... to name a few.

If you want to be front of mind with Public Sector clients and maximise sales opportunities, take a look at this showcase and get in touch. We’ll find you the right products at the right price.

Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions. For the public sector - it's all about the user experience.

  • Minimise effort for filing
  • Speed up bureaucracy
  • Planning tools for next financial year
  • Contract and form management
  • Reports for stakeholders made simple

Get public sector-specific
capabilities built in, not bolted on.

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1) Digital Workplace

Building a more social, mobile, accessible and information-driven work environment.

2) Multichannel Citizen Engagement

Delivering interactions that are connected, consistent, convenient, collaborative, customised, clear and transparent.

3) Open Any Data

For most government agencies, open data programs are an unfunded or underfunded cost centre. The "value" of open data must become tangible to government in terms of how its availability can quantifiably contribute to operational efficiency or effectiveness, let alone how it supports economic development, national productivity or commercial ventures.

4) Citizen e-ID

A long-standing yet elusive goal of many government planners to provide citizens with integrated and seamless access to all government services.

5) Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics are particularly relevant as government CIOs and agency program leaders design new mobile services that are augmented by situational context and real-time interactions. They operate continuously in the background, tracking user activity, processing sensor and environmental data, dynamically adjusting workflows to enhance the user experience, or managing activities during events as they unfold.

6) Scalable Interoperability

Government agencies are starting to increasingly rely on data exchange with external partners in order to optimize their service delivery networks and business functions, such as cross-boundary collaboration and service coordination, monitoring and outcome reporting.
Scalable interoperability offers government CIOs, enterprise architects and business process analysts an incremental, "just enough" approach to architecture and standards to deliver "soon enough" value.

7) Digital Government Platforms

In digital business, citizens should no longer have to navigate among various agencies and programs through vertical, first generation e-government Web portals in order to locate the services they seek. A digital government platform incorporates service-oriented architecture (SOA) design patterns for the provision and use of enterprise services across multiple domains, systems and processes.

8) Internet of Things

Government agencies can expect IoT-driven changes in several different areas, including environmental or public infrastructure monitoring, emergency response, supply chain inspection, asset and fleet management, and traffic safety.

9) Web-Scale IT

Organisations adopting a Web-scale IT philosophy will largely favour of lower-cost, open-source-derived hardware that bypasses the traditional infrastructure "middlemen." Consequently, traditional IT suppliers and delivery modes will become less relevant to government IT.

10) Hybrid Cloud (and IT)

Hybrid IT offers government CIOs a new operating model that supports their IT departments' ability to combine and manage on-premises infrastructure or internal private cloud with external cloud-based environments (community, public or hybrid) simultaneously.

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