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  • Paperless, highly secure, process critical solutions

    The UK Public Sector year end is fast approaching, and you can maximise your sales by offering a range of cost-effective, innovative and proven solutions via Sigma. Our vendors cover solutions from migration and Active Directory administration, to database governance and security, and include Flexera, ManageEngine, Quest, NetSweeper... to name a few.

    If you want to be front of mind with Public Sector clients and maximise sales opportunities, take a look at this showcase and get in touch. We’ll find you the right products at the right price. If you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss with us, contact our specialist sales team.

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  • The year that the world stopped

    2020 was a challenging year for the public sector, as the education and government corporations were inundated with cyber-attack attempts; some successful. At the end of this financial year, the focus for many organisations is to increase data protection and strengthen processes that can adapt to unpredictable circumstances. This will ensure an increase in productivity with a remote workforce and improve overall daily protection from malicious cyber criminals.

Gartner Top
Trends for 2021

Gartner has identified that the need for operational resilience and strategic planning across all business functions has never been greater, especially in the Public Sector. After the financial fall-out from 2020, strategic technology needs to be harnessed effectively, boosting the public sector and overall economy.

Gartner has predicted the following key trends in strategic technology in the public sector for 2021:

Internet of Behaviours

The internet of behaviours (IoB) is emerging as many technologies capture and use human behaviour as data. For example, IoB (using computer vision) can identify whether employees are wearing masks. To efficiently harness this technology, companies will benefit from cloud storage, an active directory with unrivalled security and back-up and multi-faceted reporting software. This is where Sigma’s vendors can help.


Flexera • ManageEngine • Quest • Titus

Privacy-Enhancing Computation

Companies all over the world face more privacy and noncompliance risks than ever before as global data protection legislation matures. Gartner believes that by 2025 organisations will need to implement privacy-enhancing software for processing data in potentially high-risk environments.


Netsweeper • Titus • Maytech • Paessler • ABBYY • Corel • SmartDraw

Anywhere Operations

Anywhere operations refers to an IT operating model designed to support customers everywhere, enable employees everywhere and manage the deployment of business services across distributed infrastructures. It is more than simply working from home or interacting with customers virtually – it also delivers unique value-add experiences across five core areas: collaboration and productivity, secure remote access, cloud and edge infrastructure, quantification of the digital experience, and automation to support remote operations.


ABBYY • Corel • TechSmith • SmartDraw • SmartBear • MindManager


While the pandemic did not create the need to secure all environments, it has accelerated the proficiency of cyber criminals, with remote working exposing vulnerabilities, making room for human error, and falling victim to phishing attempts. Sigma has a host of vendors with industry-leading remote working software, network monitoring and software protection solutions.


Flexera • ManageEngine • Netsweeper • Quest • Solarwinds • Paessler • Titus

Intelligent Composable Business

Companies with static business processes built for efficiency as opposed to flexibility, really struggled in the pandemic, as these rigid processes shattered in the upheaval. An intelligent composable business allows decision-makers to respond better to unpredictable external factors through excellent reporting and analytics.


Corel • Flexera • ManageEngine • MindManager • Quest • SmartBear • SmartDraw • TechSmith

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