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  • Application and Database Development - trends, tools and solutions

    Driven by trends such as IoT and AI, end users are demanding ever-smarter applications and databases meaning development tools have become an increasingly lucrative market for resellers. For example, the global artificial intelligence market was valued at $19.2bn in 2018 and is expected to reach $216.3bn by 2025 (Market Watch, 2019).

    To meet this increased demand, developers need smarter tools across the entire DevOps lifecycle. The tools need to accelerate development and assist with enhanced security, personalised end-user experiences and auditing automated processes.

Sigma has these tools. Our vendors on this page are specialists in assisting developers and IT engineers with managing, securing and auditing leading development tools. If you’d like to enquire about any of the multifaceted solutions from our industry leading vendors, please get in touch.

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    Key trends driving Application Development

    Application development, also referred to as the software lifecycle and/or development is the development of a software product in a planned and structured process. There are solutions to assist with every element of the software development life cycle driven by the latest development trends.

  • 1. The introduction of the 5G Network

    The increased bandwidth of 5G revolutionises application development and opens the door to improvements in mobile and web applications from immersive augmented reality in gaming to faster and more interactive user interfaces. Companies with mobile and web applications will be investing millions into taking advantage of these improvements and development software will be part of that investment.

  • 2. The connectivity of IoTs

    As cloud computing increases in popularity and with the consistent evolution of AI from a user’s perspective, the capabilities of IoTs follows suit. Developers are focussing on cloud-hosted application development that has higher AI integration. This creates a demand for software that connects IoTs in all sectors and an increased interest in securing these devices from the ongoing threat of cyber-attacks.

  • 3. Personalisation, Personalisation, Personalisation

    This is a trend that will never go away, and the demand for increased personalisation on application grows symmetrically with improvements across the application development industry. When AI makes another leap, it opens a door for further individuality for a user. When there is a big IoT upgrade (such as the latest smart phone release), there’s a demand for application improvements including increased personalisation.

Application Development Solutions from our Vendors

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    Key trends driving Database Development

    Every company in the world uses a form of database to store data and sensitive information, but not every company has the necessary software to manage and protect their database. New trends in database development are driven by the demand of end-users for more intuitive, automated and secure software across the whole development lifecycle. Discover the latest trends in database development

  • 1. Cross-Database Development in hybrid environments

    As cloud computing grows in popularity and improves on areas of dissonance such as security and usability, so do the number of companies opting for a hybrid environment. Similarly, to the demand of connecting IoTs with the cloud, software is also required to connect on-premise databases with cloud databases. This software also must be capable of connecting multiple on-premise databases and cloud databases in larger corporations.

  • 2. Big Data is a Wide Trend

    The main focus of Big Data development is what has been coined ‘Wide Data’; companies wanting to bring multiple datatypes together to identify inconsistent and incorrect data formatting leading to data silos. Database management for Big Data is essential for all companies in every sector as data becomes the most valuable commodity to businesses and their industries.

  • 3. 'Shazamming' Data for improved Business Intelligence

    We’re all familiar with the mobile application Shazam that can identify songs being played and inform the user of the title and artist. The latest trend for improving Business Intelligence with Database Analytics is the development of self-service solutions that use algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies in data. It’s expected that in the future this will lead to increased capabilities for visualisation and improved user interfaces including dashboards and search bars.

Database Development Solutions from our Vendors

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    Key Trends driving Cross-Functional Development

    When talking to your customers, it is important to understand how their applications are working in conjunction with their databases; whether manually inputting data or automating processes with APIs. Developing these processes and the relevant software is also included in the software development life cycle and comes with its own set of obstacles, solutions, and industry trends.

  • 1. Every cloud has a silver lining

    It’s impossible to talk about all other trends in application and database development without discussing cloud computing. In its infant years, a lack of trust surrounding the security of cloud computing and its compatibility with on-premise environments stunted its growth. Now however, there are countless third-party software solutions designed to counteract this dissonance:

    • Increase security
    • Manage hybrid environments
    • Conduct mass migrations of data
    • Build cloud-hosted applications

  • 2. Cyber Security: Monitoring, Identifying and Patching

    Don’t let your customers fall victim to highly intelligent cyber criminals. Whether operating with software vulnerabilities, being targeted with phishing attempts or failing to secure data and processes (through software or human error), there are solutions from specialist vendors that can identify vulnerabilities, provide patches and reduce the risk of human error.

  • 3. Faster is always better (according to users)

    Similarly, to personalisation, improving the speed of processes is very much a user-driven demand that will never be truly satisfied. As there are technological advancements in all areas; cloud computing, AI, data management, new IoT releases, there is an expectation for faster, more intuitive process building and management. Faster processes lead to higher productivity and smoother development, which leads to greater profits.

Cross Functional Development Solutions from our Vendors

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