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What do they do?

Desktop applications raise productivity, efficiency and make work easier. Help your customers achieve better presentations, simplify their work with paper documents and PDF files and make tutorials, employees' introduction and training videos.

Why it's wrong to believe PCs are being ditched in place of mobile devices.

Contrary to the stories we read that 'mobile devices taking over the business world and making employees more productive', actually, 8 out of 10 executives still prefer using computers for work. We've all been there - desperately trying to read a report from a tiny screen right before a big meeting and failing miserably! Factors like these are making our traditional desktops the solution of choice in the office.

So for your customers who are sticking with their trusty PCs and Laptops, the desktop tools featured below make their working day even easier and offer you a simple add on sale.

Desktop Apps Solutions from our Vendors

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