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Desktop applications raise productivity, efficiency and make work easier. Help your customers achieve better presentations, simplify their work with paper documents and PDF files and make tutorials, employees' introduction and training videos.

Why it's wrong to believe PCs are being ditched in place of mobile devices.

Contrary to the stories we read that 'mobile devices taking over the business world and making employees more productive', actually, 8 out of 10 executives still prefer using computers for work. We've all been there - desperately trying to read a report from a tiny screen right before a big meeting and failing miserably! Factors like these are making our traditional desktops the solution of choice in the office.

So for your customers who are sticking with their trusty PCs and Laptops, these great desktop tools make their working day even easier and offer you a simple add on sale.

Desktop Apps Solutions from our Vendors


Businesses can save money and time by using ABBYYS powerful OCR and PDF solutions.


Consultancies receive a lot of paper documents and forms from clients that have to be included in the final products. The costs and time effort to retype and format these documents are steep. Find out how FineReader reduced these costs for G.E.M. Associates.

Case Study - G.E.M. Associates PDF 222 KB



IT teams have a lot on their plate each day. But slow computers don't have to be one of their worries. Find out how MB Financial Bank is using Diskeeper to take care of the housekeeping by automatically preventing fragmentation, keeping Computers fast and reliable.

Case Study - MB Financial Bank PDF 133 KB


'Help! I just deleted an entire folder by mistake!' Don't worry - employees deleting important files by accident is no longer a problem with Undelete. This solution can recover deleted files without the help of the IT department.


Corel offers a wide range of awards-winning software to help people achieve new levels of productivity.

Their design tools are helping designers put their vision on screen. These solutions are easy to use and reach from 3D designs to illustrations.


Training future technical writers to explain complex devices with images and technical drawings on Mac and Windows is a challenge. That’s why the Munich University of Applied Sciences is using CorelCAD, which works on both Mac and Windows and offers everything a technical writer needs.

Case Study - Munich University of Applied Sciences PDF 366 KB

CorelDRAW Graphics suite

Edsbyn Office Furniture developed a flexible sales support system with the help of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. This new system assists them in visualising designs and new products for their customers.

Case Study - Edsbyn Office Furniture PDF 88 KB

CorelDRAW Technical suite

Check out why KNIPF chose CorelDRAW Technical Suite to keep up with their technical graphics and illustrations as well as editing images with ease.

Case Study - KNIPF GmbH PDF 818 KB

Corel PaintShop Pro

Video Games nowadays are a work of art and need to come alive for their users. The Brotherhood Games uses PaintShop Pro to design textures in their beautifully handcrafted illustrations and at the same time reduced their costs for the design work.

Case Study - The Brotherhood Games PDF 1.02 MB

Corel's office tools offer everything for daily work with documents. From PDF solutions to document creation and sharing. Corel provides everything a business needs.


Find out how WordPerfect Office helps this law firm keep costs down and make day to day work easier with its publish to PDF tool.

Case Study - Meyer, Darragh, Buckler, Bebenek & Eck PDF 619 KB

PDF Fusion

PDF files are an essential part of todays business. PDF Fusion is an all-in-one tool offering everything a company needs for its work with PDF files.


Sharing large files via email or cloud services can be a real problem for businesses. With WinZip it is possible to compress and secure files, so you can share them without worrying about the size or security.


Offer your customers fast, affordable and secure PDF solution with Foxit.


The Volvo Car Group was looking for a uniformly PDF solution throughout its cooperation. With PhantomPDF it found a solution that is easy to use, has a good conversion quality and creates PDF files in smaller size compared to other PDF programs, saving storage space.

Case Study - Volvo Car Group PDF 155 KB


iSpring offers rich media tools to help your customers train their staff.

Quizmaker & Suite

Metro Cash created an nonlinear, interactive game to train their staff with the iSpring Suite. For further training they created a product knowledge quiz with Quizmaker to train the employees in their product knowledge. Read why they decided for iSpring and how they implemented it.

Case Study - Metro Cash and Carry PDF 784 KB


Learn why PwC Academy loves to use iSpring for their online training courses and what they enjoy about working with the iSpring team.

Case Study - PwC Academy (Russia) PDF 121 KB


Introduce your customers to an easy way to organise, present and share information with MindManager.


Procter & Gamble needs a lot of information in one place for their product development. MindManager helps them keep all the details in one file and gives them an overview over the whole project management.

Case Study - Procter & Gamble PDF 135 KB


Give your customers the tool to create presentations that show the bigger picture.

Check out how Prezi helps the managing director of Brother UK stay on top with his presentations and why he loves using Prezi instead of a static presentation tool.

Case Study - Brother UK PDF 238 KB


QuarkXPress by Quark is a powerful tool for creating content across publishing platforms. From print to digital design, it is the solution for any design question.


Find out how the French luxury magazine l'appart is using QuarkXPress and the integrated App Studio to produce a luxury magazine and a fitting app in eight languages for a global audience.

Case Study - L'appart PDF 761 KB


The software that helps companies work smarter by communicating visually.

SmartDraw helped BKK employees communicate their processes more clearly, convey their ideas in effective visuals and present complex data in a simple way.

Case Study - BBK PDF 481 KB


Techsmith is the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording software providing visual communication solutions for businesses.


Virgin Media has an internal social network to share knowledge and information. To give the employees a more efficient way to share that knowledge, they decided to use Snagit. With Snagit employees can now capture their screens and make videos to share their knowledge with others.

Case Study - Virgin Media PDF 207 KB


Find out how Loudpixel is using Camtasia for their internal and external communication to stay in touch with employees all over the world and explain complex data in a visual way to clients.

Case Study - Loudpixel PDF 117 KB

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