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    Monitor the whole IT infrastructure with SolarWinds.

  • With businesses currently managing a largely remote workforce, any problems that could lead to downtime can mean a setback to teams. That's why it is more important than ever to monitor the whole IT infrastructure.

    The combination of SAM and AppOptics offers your customers the monitoring they need for their servers, applications and infrastructure and improves visibility, performance, resilience and scalability.

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    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor monitors commercial off-the-shelf applications and their supporting infrastructure; whether running on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Performance Monitoring for 1,200+ applications and systems.

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    SolarWinds AppOptics is a SaaS-based, custom application and infrastructure APM solution for on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments. It combines comprehensive infrastructure monitoring with holistic application performance management capabilities.

4 reasons to recommend AppOptics to your SAM customers

  • SaaS-based Monitoring

    Easily customisable and extensible, AppOptics supports over 60 application, language, service, and infrastructure sources out-of-the-box.

  • Monitoring Events and Issues

    Monitor ALL key logging environments (applications, services, infrastructure) in one place using common analytics and visualisations.

  • Integration with Loggly

    Maximum, full-stack availability and performance data context via bi-directional integration.

  • Simple Setup

    Users will be up and running in minutes and with a minimal learning curve for IT professionals.

Use cases for SAM and AppOptics



Visibility – Customer wants to extend SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor dashboards to include visibility into custom applications and associated infrastructure performance.
Server & Application Monitor dashboards are easily extended with live AppOptics dashboard elements. These are embedded into Orion Platform products including SAM, ensuring single pane of glass visibility across the entire commercial, packaged and custom application environment.
Performance – Customers need to know their custom applications are meeting service-level objectives and performing the way they were designed.
With AppOptics, develop performance metrics to automate monitoring of business-critical services and custom applications to identify the issues with the most impact on users or on the bottom line. Bring the business context into performance monitoring to prioritise remediation and focus resources where they can make a difference to the user or the business.
Resilience – Customers need to reduce downtime and impact to their users regardless of the type of infrastructure whether the applications are COTS or custom.
With AppOptics and SAM, the combined solution provides powerful and quick problem identification across the customer’s IT environment. AppOptics makes it easy to:
  • Minimise custom application and infrastructure downtime with early warning notifications. When systems fail or performance is poor, AppOptics can help ensure rapid recovery by quickly determining issues before they impact users.
  • Quickly determine where the real issue lies. Is it an issue with the web front end, the back-end custom application, or with the underlying infrastructure?
  • Pinpoint the specific resource, database, application, and line of code that caused the issue to streamline recovery efforts and minimise downtime.
Scalability – Customers need to be confident their monitoring can cost-effectively scale with their technical needs while providing visibility into all layers of their custom application and infrastructure stack.
AppOptics, like SAM, allows customers to cost-effectively scale their APM strategy as their business scales. Leverage analytics and trend reporting to provide customer insights into short-term and long-term changes, so customers can achieve a consistent level of performance as their applications and business grow.

Discovery Questions

Not sure on how to open the conversation about SAM and AppOptics together? Ask your customers these discovery questions to find out if it is the right fit for them.

1. Is your organisation being asked to report or align more closely to the business (e.g. monitoring and reporting on custom application transactional performance or end-user experience)?

2. Are you building on, or modernising from your existing SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor implementation to cover:

  • Custom applications?
  • Application latency, response time, and throughput?
  • SaaS-hosted Docker and Kubernetes environments?

3. If production custom applications break or are poorly performing, what does your resolution process look like:

  • Who is involved?
  • What tools are you using (if any)?

4. Is your organisation moving beyond infrastructure and packaged application monitoring to gain deeper performance visibility inside custom applications:

  • Application latency and response time?
  • Application transactional throughput and performance?

5. What does your monitoring process look like for your custom applications in/on hybrid and cloud environments? How is it different than your process today with SAM (if at all):

  • Tools?
  • Teams?
  • Escalation process?

6. Do you have separate teams for monitoring of hybrid/cloud infrastructure and your custom applications?

  • Who is involved?
  • What tools are they using to monitor application transaction response time and throughput?
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Offer your customers the monitoring they need with SolarWinds SAM and AppOptics
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