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  • Sigma Cloud is a different take on CSP

    Naturally, it includes an online store where you can buy, provision, deploy and manage your clients’ Microsoft subscriptions. You’ll also find a range of vendors selected specifically to help you accelerate and simplify your clients’ journey to the cloud. Want your own branded store? You've got it.

    But the biggest difference is the support. Azure sales enablement, expert licensing advice and a named account manager come as standard. As does an in-depth onboarding programme. No more arms-length, digital-only, work it out yourself 'service'.

    To drive your growth, we've included a range of white-label migration, deployment and health check services. And don’t forget our reporting system that gives you complete oversight of your clients’ entire Azure CSP estates.

    Sigma Cloud. The ready-made cloud extension for your business.


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An onboarding programme designed for your success

Based on real-world feedback from resellers like you, the Sigma Cloud onboarding
programme is designed to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible. It includes:

  • Briefing workshop: a structured briefing workshop that dives into your unique requirements so we can recommend the most effective way of reaching your objectives.

  • Azure sales enablement: a sales training session delivered by one of our Microsoft certified team.

  • Cloud product enablement: a session on a Sigma Cloud vendor of your choice – how to sell the vendor as a standalone sale and as part of a wider cloud-led solution.

  • Scheduled check-ins: proactive support to help you overcome blockers, work on proposals and identify opportunities.

  • Reporting: how to use our reporting system and identify value-add service and sales opportunities.

  • Experts on tap: licensing support from product experts to help you scope and price your opportunities.

Email jackd@sigmasd.com or call +44 (0) 1364 655 190 for more information

  • Grow your business how you want

    Sigma Cloud enables you to grow your cloud business how you want. It allows you to manage your client’s cloud licensing online and continue to sell on to them through your normal channels. Alternatively, you can have your own marketplace with your own products and services.

    Either way, you get all the benefits of buying and managing Office 365 or Azure online with none of the set-up costs or development hassle.

    • Manage and provision Microsoft CSP subscriptions for Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure
    • A range of vendors selected specifically to help you accelerate and simplify your clients’ journey to the cloud
    • White-label deployment and health check services
    • Build and brand your own storefront with no set up costs
    • Product sales training plus pre-sales and scoping support
    • Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Up to 24x7 helpdesk

Unique Insights for Azure Consumption

Understanding all the detail of your clients' Azure consumption in the currency
you're using at the price you're paying puts you in a powerful position.

  • Keep track of all your clients' Azure usage - individually or aggregated

  • Identify upsell and cross sell opportunities based on real-world data

  • Forecast monthly consumption and spend, and compare to historical data

  • Analyse costs in detail - report by resource group, tags and description

  • View reports how you want them - reports both in calendar and billing period

Sigma Cloud takes insight one step further. It gives you one-click access to Azure
resources so you can scale resources up or down in mere moments.

With Sigma Cloud, you gain complete oversight of your client's entire Azure estate.
How will you use it?

Email jackd@sigmasd.com or call +44 (0) 1364 655 190 for more information

Sigma Technical Services

Here to help you sell more and deliver value-add cloud services to your clients, our in-house team of certified engineers work across a range of vendors and cloud solution areas. The faster your clients move to the cloud and see the value it adds, the faster you can grow your business. We’ll make it happen.

  • Sales

    Hold more productive technical conversations with your clients and drive sales. Based on your specific needs and target market we can deliver sales training and product discovery workshops across a range of Azure, Microsoft 365, ManageEngine and Flexera products.

  • Cloud

    Drive your revenue and end-user adoption with our range of white labelled training sessions. From Microsoft Teams to Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager, our team of certified engineers will ensure your clients get the most from their cloud investment.

  • Implementation Services

    Whether it’s Microsoft 365, Azure or ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, our certified engineers will work with you to ensure a seamless deployment for your client. We’ll also run knowledge transfer sessions to ensure everyone’s skills are kept up to date.

  • Health

    Ensure your customers get maximum return on their investment with our health checks. Available for a range of vendors, each health check is run by a certified architect and includes a report detailing improvement, best practice, security, resource and platform recommendations.


+44 (0) 1364 655 190

Azure Review – Happy Customers Are Loyal Customers

Customers are always looking to maximise performance and minimise costs. Today’s uncertainty turns that from a desire to an absolute essential and we're to help.

  • Cost Analysis: Our team will assess your clients’ existing Azure subscription model and recommend changes where they could make to save money. This includes Microsoft CSP, Azure Hybrid Benefit, Reserved Instances and Software Subscriptions. We’ll also look at any VMs in Azure and recommend the appropriate Reserved Instances and software subscriptions to reduce costs. In the short-term it may reduce your revenue, but it shows clients you are on their side which drives loyalty in an environment where everyone is fighting for market share.

  • Health Check: We’ll ensure your clients’ Azure resources are set for maximum performance and utilisation. Our certified Cloud Architects will review their set up and make recommendations based upon Microsoft best practice and our real-world experience. They’ll also find opportunities to take advantage of efficiencies, scaling and resiliency afforded by Azure.


+44 (0) 1364 655 190

Your marketplace, your growth

Ready to scale your business? Your own store based on Sigma Cloud is the choice for you. From off-the-shelf to a customised set up, we’ll give you a proven platform to help you grow your business. We will help you get setup, if you need more support and custom design work please contact us for a quote.

  • Business

    • Sell Microsoft cloud solutions via your own web store
    • Enable your customers to manage their CSP subscriptions
    • Sell vendors including Flexera, ManageEngine and Quest
    • Apply your own branding
    • Billing engine
  • Corporate

    Everything you get with the Business package plus:

    • Add your own custom products and managed services
    • Support ticketing facility for end-customers


+44 (0) 1364 655 190

Why you should choose Sigma as your CSP partner

  • First Class Support

    Have a question? Need some help? Got stuck? Pick up the phone or send us a message and we’ll help you. It’s that simple.

  • Unique Insights

    Gain complete oversight of your client’s Azure estate in the currency you’re using at the price you’re paying. Forecast consumption, identify trends and spot sales opportunities.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Are we the cheapest option every time? Possibly not. What we can promise is that we’ll do everything we can to help you win deals and grow your business.

  • Cross & Upselling is Easier

    Complementary products from mainstream and specialist vendors sit side by side on Sigma Cloud.

  • A Growing Portfolio

    We’re actively sourcing new vendors and adding them to Sigma Cloud so your portfolio will grow with ours.

  • We Make Things Easier

    Change can be complicated, so we work hard to make things easy for you. Your named account manager will help at every step.


+44 (0) 1364 655 190

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSP?

CSP is the modern licensing scheme from Microsoft that rewards resellers with good rebates.

"The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program enables partners to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. Partners in this program utilize dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage and support their customer subscriptions. Partners can easily package their own tools, products and services and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill."

Why should I move from my current provider?

You’ll receive Azure sales enablement training, ongoing support and licensing advice on tap. Our unique reporting tools will help you sell more whilst offering great customer service opportunities. We also over a wide range of complementary products and white-label services to help you grow your cloud business.

Do I have to move all my customers to you?

No. As much as we’d love you to move all your customers to Sigma Cloud, you can have multiple CSP providers. This mean you can move a few over to test Sigma Cloud and experience the brilliant service we offer.

What onboarding support will you provide?

The Sigma Cloud onboarding program is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. It includes a detailed discovery and planning session, scheduled check-ins and ongoing licensing support. There’s more information here.

Why do I need to sign a contract to get pricing?

It’s the standard Microsoft process. Giving you access to the store with prices would also give you the ability to buy and provision licences, and this requires a contract to be in place.

What qualifications does your team hold?

We’ve got certified engineers across Azure and various Microsoft products. They also hold AWS, Alibaba, ManageEngine and Quest qualifications.


To deliver a holistic service to your clients our team of engineers are certified across multiple vendors
and platforms - this is only a brief selection. If you have any questions about how we can help please get in touch.

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