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Remote Working

Optimising productivity, minimising
downtime and specialist technical services

  • Thriving in the new remote working reality

    Organisations around the world have now accepted that remote working is a long-term solution rather than short-term fix. The question is, how do they maintain security, drive productivity, ensure project delivery and optimise processes – all whilst engaging and managing a remote workforce using multiple device types? Sigma can help you and your customers shift from adapting to thriving through robust remote working solutions.

    This page provides an overview of where our vendors and partners can help. If you need any help or have questions, please get in touch.

    If you need any help or have questions, please get in touch.

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Remote Solutions

During these unprecedented times, it’s important to ensure that your customers can deliver the service their customers are used to with smooth, collaborative and secure remote capabilities.

  • Access servers & monitor activity

    Enable the IT team to monitor log-on activity and manage access rights for users working remotely.

  • Open communication

    Ensure quick and easy communications on an individual, team and company-wide level using messenger, video conferencing and file sharing.

  • Windows and Mac integration

    Not every company can provide remote working equipment immediately. Enable employees to use their own devices, Windows or Mac.

  • Encrypt files and emails

    With the ongoing uncertainty, security is even more of a priority. Encryption tools prevent data falling into the wrong hands.

  • Run backups from home

    Avoid unreliable tape-backups and disk failure. Instead, backups can be run from home directly to a public or private cloud.

  • Remote software installation

    The IT team can install and update software on employees’ devices without the need to be in the same building.

  • Monitor IT infrastructure efficiency

    Monitor the efficiency of backups, network configuration, server access to ensure quick response and resolution of any issues.

  • Remote IT service desk

    Users can log tickets with their remote IT Team who that can respond, investigate and resolve first-line issues quickly.

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Be the driving force of productivity

Don’t let your customers be left on the back foot while their competitors’ transition to the next phase of lockdown. To help you and your customers get on the front foot, we’ve collated industry-leading desktop applications that can help boost productivity.

  • Internal communications

    Our internal communication solutions will help your customers create a more agile environment to speed up processes while protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

    • On-the-job communication reducing long meetings
    • Centralised records of previous communications
    • Streamline training processes for new starters and individual development training
    • Share private or sensitive information with file encryption and PDF management
    • Live managing of workflows shared at an individual or team level
  • Project management

    If your customers are struggling to adapt their project management processes in the current climate, there are solutions that can help keep all team members in the loop and will ensure projects are completed quicker without losing site of the original concept.

    • Real-time records of progress
    • Individual and team level task management
    • Joint creative collaboration
    • Workflow management
    • Adhoc training and explanation
    • Simplistic and centralised sign-off process
    • Video calls and multi-user chats (no more killer email threads)

If you want to find out more about maintaining productivity while working remotely, click here to download The Essential Remote Working Guide by Real VNC.

To learn more about these solutions, get in touch.

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Technical Services

If you or your customers need advice or practical help maintaining software environments and processes or updating systems to prepare for an increased duration of remote working, our Technical Services team can help.

  • Access servers & monitor activity

    Product training, configuration, implementation and health checks to enable IT Teams to prevent logins from a blocked IP.

  • Remote software installation

    Product training, configuration, implementation and health checks to enable IT Teams to install and update software remotely.

  • Remote IT service desk

    Product training, configuration, implementation and health checks to enable IT Teams to remotely access user endpoints.

  • Azure Services

    From a VM optimisation report designed to save you money, to a full-blown review of your Azure architecture resilience, our team will ensure your systems are fit for purpose.

  • Micosoft Teams training

    Our service team provide implementation and training for setting up Teams, navigating the interface, customising for company requirements and best practice advice.

  • Office 365 productivity

    Make the most of Office 365 with specialist training, configuration, software implementation and health checks to optimise productivity.

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Whether your customers are looking for ways to train their staff remotely, or employees are looking for ways to upskill in their spare time, finding the right solution is essential. In an everyday working environment, training not only helps to motivate and retain staff, but it also results in a more efficient and effective business.

  • TechSmith’s Snagit and Camtasia are screen capturing and recording solutions, including video editing for presentations, training videos and improved communication, especially when remote working.

    They have collated resources to effectively transition to remote work and learning which can be accessed in the guide and helpful tips below.

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  • We’ve recently partnered with eLearning specialist, Praxis42, who have created an Emergency Homeworker package to help organisations provide their employees with the best remote working set up possible. The package includes:

    • Home Worker Awareness eLearning
    • Emergency Homeworker Assessment Tool
    • Mental Health and Me Learning

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Corel specialises in illustration and design, video and photo editing, productivity, and encryption applications.

With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, your customers can find all the professional tools needed to create and complete important design projects, from virtually any device. WinZip is the world’s number one zip utility, enabling your customers to quickly and easily zip, protect, share and manage all files. Corel is currently offering free individual license trials and training videos for these products to help you and your customers with remote working and to try out this great software.

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Resources from our Vendors

Now that your customers have implemented remote working software and processes successfully, they’ll be looking to scale these processes. Many organisations will be reconfiguring their road map and improving productivity to ensure the business is secure and prepared for long-term remote working. We’ve collated advice, tips and suggestions from our vendors specialising in remote working solutions.

To find out more about any of the resources above, get in touch.

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Take a look at our vendor showcases for more information on their solutions and how we can support your end-users.

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