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  • Development of Oracle Streams was shelved in 2013, so it sits in the great software scrapyard.

    Many of your customers will be considering Oracle GoldenGate as the natural successor to Streams as their database replication solution, but before they commit to this software, take a moment to review Quest's Shareplex, which is superior to GoldenGate in five key areas:

  • Simplicity

    There is a common misconception that data replication has to be complex. This myth is perpetuated by GoldenGate, which requires add-ons that cost extra to complete its solution stack and achieve full functionality. This is not the case with SharePlex.

  • Support

    A higher level of support to get answers quickly and reduce downtime is vital for critical applications. SharePlex offers unmatched support, consistently earning a 93-96 percent customer-satisfaction rating in post support surveys.

  • Scalability

    Unlike GoldenGate, which may require users to upgrade to Oracle Real Application Clusters or Enterprise Edition with add-on packs, SharePlex offers flexible scalability options to meet different needs, without increasing cost.

  • Productivity

    SharePlex's design, trial download, and tutorials make it so simple to set up and operate that you won't need to add staff resources to use and maintain it.

  • Cost

    Oracle Enterprise Edition, SharePlex is competitively priced at half the cost of GoldenGate. And special SharePlex pricing for Oracle Standard Edition can save customers as much as 80 percent compared to GoldenGate.

  • SharePlex Channel Stats:

    • Av. Deal Size: $50k
    • Av. Sales Cycle: 12 weeks
    • Margin range: 20-40% (dependent on partner status and deal reg)

    Full sales enablement support available, including:

    • Technical pre-sales call or WebEx
    • Face to face support from Quest for C-Level meetings
    • Marketing materials, videos and datasheets
  • What's Database replication?

    It's the frequent copying of data from a database in one computer or server to a database in another so that all users share the same level of information. The result is a distributed database in which users can access data relevant to their tasks without interfering with the work of others.

    For more information on scoping and qualifying SharePlex deals, speak to Sigma Software Distribution Business Development Specialists Peter Brimble or Lucy McKenzie on +44 (0) 01364 655 200 or email sales@sigmasd.com

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