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  • Quest offers great database management, performance monitoring and database replication solutions that work together to ensure any database environment is secure and performs at its best.

    These solutions are represented by four aliens living on four planets far, far away. The brightest and best from each planet work together on the space station, 'The SSD', to gain further understanding of their galaxy. Each species has a set of skills to help keep the space station running. They work in departments, known as databases, to ensure peak performance of all systems.

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    Planet Toad

    The aliens from planet Toad are managing and developing the relevant systems for the space station. They keep everything running smoothly and validate the code used in the database to ensure the best performance.

    Available for: Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, DB2, Postgres & MySQL

    Customer problems that Toad can help with:

    • Losing the overview of their database environment
    • Automating database tasks and reducing manual work
    • Development of the database

    Planet Foglight

    The aliens from planet Foglight monitor a vast range of databases and detect problems when and where they occur. They monitor and analyse data with ease and focus on detecting, monitoring, managing and resolving performance issues.

    Available for: Oracle, SQL Server, SAP ASE, DB2, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, AzureDB & Amazon Redshift

    Customer problems that Foglight can help with:

    • Database performance issues are impacting users/customers
    • No insight into real-time and or historical data usage
    • No possibility to compare the data of multiple database instances

    Planet Spotlight

    The aliens from planet Spotlight ensure peak performance for their database environment. They monitor, diagnose and optimise the database to ensure nothing impacts their environment.

    Available for: Oracle, SQL Server, SAP ASE & DB2

    Customer problems that Spotlight can help with:

    • Failing to catch problems in their database code before they affect users
    • Issues with identifying and responding to congested areas, stopping them from impacting users

    Planet Shareplex

    The aliens from planet Shareplex replicate and migrate one Oracle instance to another. They support each other with change management, disaster recovery, load-balancing and migrations.

    Available for: Oracle

    Customer problems that Shareplex can help with:

    • Migrating to another Oracle server while avoiding downtime
    • Safely replicating their Oracle database
    • Downtime of Oracle databases is a big cost for them

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Learn more about everyone's role on The SSD and see how they can help your customers achieve the best performance for their database environment.

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