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Quest Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Bundle

Who has access to data, how was it obtained and how is it being used?

The need for compliance has never been greater and to meet this critical market requirement in the UK, Quest has created the GRC bundle exclusively for the channel, for resellers to offer a complete solution for data audit trails.


Change Auditor

  • Who has been granted access?
  • What are they doing with that access?
  • What changes have been made?
  • Who is logged in, where and when?

Microsoft® Active Directory® is at the heart of your mission-critical network infrastructure. Issues with your directory can result in unplanned and costly service disruptions and business crippling network downtime, as well as harmful security breaches and noncompliance with critical government regulations such as Sarbans-Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Organisations need to be notified - in real time - of critical changes to Active Directory.

Recovery Manager for AD


Compare AD changes to a backup and roll-back.

Human error and hardware or software failures can easily corrupt Active Directory (AD), system configurations or Group Policy data. In addition, AD objects can often be modified or deleted by mistake and faulty scripts can overwrite attributes. The result is unplanned system downtime and hours, or even days of lost user productivity.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory® enables you to quickly recover entire sections of the directory, selected objects or individual attributes without taking AD offline.

GRC in action:

Enterprise - Change Auditor Ukrainian investment company ensures compliance while slashing IT workload

"Implementation of Change Auditor enabled us to cut the time spent investigating information security incidents related to unauthorized access to data located in our corporate information systems in half."

Business need

To move to a risk-oriented information management model and ensure regulatory compliance, Dragon Capital needed better visibility into user access rights changes in real time. The company also wanted to reduce IT workload by streamlining security investigations of critical changes, such as modifications of system configuration or user access rights.


With Dell Change Auditor, Dragon Capital is able to audit changes to user access permissions and easily meet its compliance requirements. The solution issues alerts about critical changes in real time and enables the IS team to investigate and resolve incidents in minutes rather than hours or days.

  • Moves the company to a risk-oriented management model.
  • Slashes time to investigate and resolve incidents from hours or days to just minutes.
  • Saves the IS department 10 percent of its budget.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and follows industry best practices.

Retail - Enterprise Reporter Hancocks Fabrics solves policy compliance issues.

"The real-time reporting helped us locate the compliance issues early and find the reasons why they weren't hardened."

Business need

Group policy management over three different versions of Windows Server can be time consuming and makes it difficult to identify policy compliance issues. He took Quest Enterprise Reporter for a test drive to see what impact it would have on day-to-day IT operations.


With reporst from Enterprise Reporter, Hancocks Fabrics were able to take a hard look at their servers to ensure they were in compliance. They could then demonstrate that the proper steps were being taken to secure their environment.

  • The ability to deliver real-time assessments into who has access to files, folders and shares on servers.
  • Greater visibility into the configuration of critical IT assets.
  • Customisable reports and a common reporting portal.

Chemicals - Active Roles Johnson Matthey accelerates AD consolidation

"With Active Roles, support calls from the administrators have decreased by 98 percent, from five or six calls per day to only one or two calls per month."

Business need

Johnson Matthey needed to consolidate its 27 AD forests into one single AD within a tight deadline. After migration, it needed to effectively manage the new AD, including the delegation of admin rights to each office for local access management. In addition, to ensure security and comply with industry regulations, the company needed to be able to audit changes to its AD.


Johnson Matthey found Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory to be the most comprehensive AD migration solution on the market. For AD management, Active Roles “leapt out as the best solution.” In addition, Change Auditor for Active Directory was chosen to provide AD security.

  • Ensured a smooth directory consolidation with no data loss or business disruption
  • Cut migration time by 83 percent, from four years to eight months
  • Reduced local admin support by 98 percent, freeing them to focus on other important tasks
  • Improved security
  • Enabled compliance with industry regulations

Banking - InTrust Retail bank improves IT security and compliance

"Together, Change Auditor and InTrust satisfy the needs of our auditors and management in full."

Business need

Driven partly by the need for compliance with global and industry regulations and standards, Platinum Bank needed to improve security by implementing Windows (AD and Exchange) auditing and event log management.


With Change Auditor for Active Directory, Change Auditor for Exchange and InTrust, Platinum Bank can now keep abreast of changes to Active Directory and Exchange in real time, so issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

  • Enhanced security, protecting the bank’s reputation
  • Dramatically reduced time to resolve Exchange and AD change related issues — from multiple days to a few hours
  • Minimised system downtime, maintaining employee productivity
  • Ensured compliance with industry standards and government regulations

Reporting, auditing and security for AD, Exchange, Office 365 and more.

Bolster the security of your Windows server environment. Quest security and compliance automated solutions provide real-time visibility into administrator and user activities, plus report on server configurations and user permissions. Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA, GDPR and more with audit-ready reports.

Complement your governance, risk and compliance initiatives with solutions that help you achieve and prove compliance, and streamline administration for complex, growing environments.

Product Sales Vitals

  • Deal range $10-100k
  • Sales Cycle 3-6 months
  • Sales Support Available through Quest and Sigma

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