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  • It’s a new year! Start it off right and support your customers in their New Year’s resolutions.

    New Year’s resolutions are not just for individuals, but also for businesses. Find out what your customers are aiming to achieve in 2021 and support them with the help of Quest.

    Quest portfolio offers solutions to make your customers’ IT management easier and support them in moving to the cloud, managing a remote workforce or improving their IT Estate.

  • Get moving to the cloud

    Cloud computing saw a staggering increase in 2020, but some organisations only implemented it to stay operational. Cloud computing offers a range of benefits for businesses and should be the first approach for your customers.

    Quest offers solutions that not only help with the move to the cloud, but also with managing the cloud infrastructure.

    • Prepare - Ensure backups of your customer data and IT environment set up are available and can be recovered.
    • Move - Make sure your customers have the right tools to give their employees access to the right files and programs and the migration is hassle free.
    • Maintain - Offer your customers solutions to secure business data and ensure it can easily be recovered.

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  • Modernise your database environment

    Give your customers time savings and reduced risk with end-to-end solutions from Quest. They’ve overcome a lot of challenges throughout 2020, so help them simplify their database management by modernising their environment with Quest.

    • Manage - Build and deploy higher-quality code faster and save time on database administration while strengthening compliance.
    • Monitor - Gain unrivalled visibility across all database platforms – from one console
    • Move - Safely move data with the complete Oracle replication solution, no costly add-ons or management packs needed.

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  • Become more flexible with your workforce

    Give your customers the flexibility of a secure hybrid workforce. With business becoming more distributed between remote working, home office or on the go, it is more important than ever to stay connected and productive while giving IT Managers more time to focus on what comes next.

    Quest’s KACE portfolio offers solutions to allow your customers to support a partial or fully remote workforce.

    • Automate - KACE can help your customers automate and more efficiently manage IT systems and software installations across the globe.
    • Maintain - Keep systems updated and maintained and realise return of investment sooner.
    • Secure - Ensure security for the end users, administrative rights and all endpoints.

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  • Improve your knowledge

    Why not work on your own New Year’s resolutions, while earning more margin in the future? Quest offers sales accreditations across their Business Units and the more accreditations you hold as a business, the more margin you’ll get.

    Why become a partner?

    • Profitability - Partner Circle offers profit pools, including margins, incentives, rebates, renewals and services with clear ROI.
    • Capability - Enabling all aspects of business, including presales, sales, marketing, renewals, training and providing the ability to solve customer problems.
    • Ease of doing business - Ensuring all aspects of doing business with Quest is simple. This includes fast deal registration, simple certification process and close work with Sigma to speed up deals and support your business.

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