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  • Move into the
    cloud with Quest

    Moving house can be a stressful time, from deciding on a house to the actual move, it’s one important decision after another.

    And it’s the same when a business decides to move to the cloud.

    Do you have customers moving their infrastructure or database to the cloud? Are they unsure of what to expect and how to make sure the migration goes smoothly?

    Quest offers solutions that support your customers on their move to, and management of, the cloud to take some of that stress away. They can help with the preparation of business data before the move, planning of the move, the migration itself and making sure everything works perfectly in the new environment.

  • Decision

    Deciding on a new place is an important decision. It has to be the right size and offer the right accommodation to ensure it is the right fit. It’s the same for businesses moving to the cloud.

    Questions to think about beforehand include:

    • Can I afford to move? / What new environment can I afford?
    • What benefits am I gaining?
    • What is needed for the move?
    • How can I make the process as easy as possible?

  • Foglight Evolve Cloud
    A next-gen infrastructure monitoring solution that ensures businesses get the maximum value from their IT environment and spend. It compares costs of multiple public and private clouds while offering in-depth analysis of current workloads on-prem or in the cloud. This ensures that no matter where the environment is held it is constantly optimised with regards to price and performance, cutting out cloud related spend spiral while maximising performance.

  • Preparation

    Preparing for the move is almost as daunting as the move itself. Making sure everything is moved safely and securely is the main priority.

    It’s also time to get building and contents insurance for the new property to ensure that there are no worries over something breaking.

    For businesses, the backups that they create before moving to the cloud ensures that data can be recovered in case the migration doesn't go as planned.

  • NetVault O365
    For a move to the cloud, it is essential that assets are protected and that your customers can recover their data as quickly as possible. NetVault O365 offers data protection across physical and virtual environments and applications, helping users to easily achieve backup and recovery.

  • On Demand Recovery
    Active Directory is one of the most important assets for a company. It manages permissions and access to network resources. On Demand Recovery ensures that users and objects are protected in Azure AD and if connected with Recovery Manager for AD it offers a hybrid AD disaster recovery plan, helping with the pre-move backup.

  • Enterprise Reporter
    Ensures that the on-prem security policies are maintained during and after a migration. It offers real time reports on who has access to what, ensuring unused accounts are disabled and user dependencies are maintained post migration. Combine it with Quest IT Security Search for an interactive search engine for fast incident forensics.

  • Benchmark Factory
    Before migrating an Oracle database, a Database Administrator needs to assess the workload performance difference between the on-premises database and the database in the cloud. Benchmark Factory allows DBAs to set standard benchmarks and replay Oracle workloads which helps to determine the right service tier for optimum performance.

  • Foglight for DB
    Foglight for Databases highlights performance differences between on-premises and in the cloud Oracle instances. It further allows the DBA to determine which part of the Oracle cloud instance is being stressed the most and highlights bottlenecks so they can quickly be resolved and helps reduce cloud service subscription bills.

  • Move

    The move itself is the most stressful stage. Firstly, making sure everything arrives at the new place safe and secure and then unpacking and finding the right spot for it. When everything is finally moved, it is time to get used to the new space.

    Migrating a business is just as stressful. Is everything going to work in the new environment? Does everyone have access to the files and programs they need? And did everything migrate correctly? Making sure your customers have the right tools, will make this step hassle free and less complicated.

  • On Demand Migration
    On Demand Migration is a SaaS based solution that supports a complete O365 tenant to tenant migration project, including coexistence, mailboxes, teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more.

  • On Demand Migration for Email
    Part of the On Demand platform, ODME supports the migration of Exchange or other platforms such as Gmail to Exchange Online.

  • SharePlex
    SharePlex is compatible with many common IaaS targets in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. No special setup is needed and it’s easy to replicate on-premises Oracle database to the cloud while allowing daily processes to continue uninterrupted.

  • Metalogix Essentials for O365
    Migrate content from SharePoint on-prem, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and file shares into O365’s SharePoint Online. Simple single-hop migration with pre-migration analysis and post-migration validation.

  • Maintenance

    Installing a smart home solution to manage the house is a common decision nowadays. People are happy to add technical support to cut costs and make sure everything is working. Regular checks on boiler, electricity and appliances will help to keep the house in a good condition.

    In business, backups are an important asset for a business. Making sure a business's data is secure and can easily be recovered in case of an emergency, is essential. Give your customers the right solutions, so they’re sure the maintenance of their cloud environment is sorted.

  • QoreStor
    Offers deduplication at a 20:1 ratio for secondary storage hosted in Azure. QoreStor has specially designed variable block deduplication which can significantly speed up back up windows while removing the requirement of clunky hardware - Also supports hybrid/multi-cloud environments as well as most back-up software.

  • Security Explorer
    Allows for real-time access control, permissions management and security across on-prem and Azure. Migrate and back-up security settings, ensuring that the cloud environment matches with the policies built on-prem.

  • Toad for Oracle DBA Edition
    Continued management of Oracle databases in the cloud is essential to help keep cloud costs down. Quest Toad for Oracle DBA Edition offers ongoing maintenance, performance management and change management for Oracle databases across hybrid infrastructures.

  • Foglight for DB
    Highlighting performance differences between on-premises and in the cloud Oracle instances. Further allowing the DBA to determine which part of the Oracle cloud instance is being stressed the most and highlights bottlenecks so they can quickly be resolved and helps reduce cloud service subscription bills.

  • Contact Sigma

    Support your customers in their move to the cloud and simplify the project for them.
    Get in touch with our Quest Specialist Peter Brimble to find out how you can maximise your Azure opportunities and support your customers all the way on their move from on-prem to the cloud.

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