Active Directory Heroes

Your customer’s IT teams are handling multiple projects at the
same time. From migrations and security, to running a helpdesk and
backing up the systems, their days are always busy.

Quest AD Heroes are here to save their day!

  • Why is Active Directory so important?

    Active Directory (AD) builds the framework for a business by managing permissions and access to network resources. It allows network administrators to create and manage domains, users, devices and groups within a network. It provides a way to organise a large number of users into logical groups and subgroups, while providing access control at every level.

    Managing and securing the Active Directory in a network is a time-consuming task. Quest AD Heroes are here to support IT Managers throughout all their projects.

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  • Captain Migrate
  • Mr. Manage
  • Secure Man
  • Professor Report
  • Doctor Recover

  • Captain Migrate

    Are your customers struggling to keep up with their migrations? Do they have migration projects coming up and are already scared of the way it will affect their users? Not to worry, Captain Migrate can help to achieve ZeroIMPACT AD migrations on-premises and in the cloud. She can also support with the Active Directory and permissions management. This enables businesses to migrate AD with no downtime, data loss or stress, while ensuring business continuity, increasing IT efficiency and minimising security risks

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  • Mr. Manage

    IT Teams are often managing a vast range of policies, permissions, groups and licenses, which can be overwhelming; especially in hybrid environments. Mr. Manager can help bring order to the chaos of group management. With his superpowers he can effectively administer changes to the Group policies and ensure that on-premises and cloud groups follow standards that allow users to safely create and manage groups, reducing reliance on the IT department.

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  • Secure Man

    Security is at the forefront of every business’ strategy. With cyber-attacks on the rise, companies need to make sure their infrastructure is secure; not just from external influences, but also from insider threats. Secure Man can support businesses with real-time alerting of suspicious activities that they can create automated responses for. He can also track any changes that have been made to key Microsoft configurations, as well as user and administrator set ups in the on-premises or cloud AD.

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  • Professor Report

    IT Managers need to be able to report quickly on essential set ups and licence use when asked. Professor Report helps with the reporting of critical Microsoft configurations to enhance compliance with security best practices and internal policies. She also keeps users updated on optimal license utilisation, displays and analyses trends, and estimates license costs. This allows the business to plan ahead and adjust when needed.

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  • Doctor Recover

    Losing the Active Directory set up during a cyber-attack or a natural disaster can cost a business everything. Employees can’t log in to their accounts, access files or communicate via email. Doctor Recover can help by implementing a complete backup and recovery strategy to quickly recover from any disaster on-premises or in the cloud. This builds a robust business continuity plan that extends to the cloud.

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  • The future of AD management

    The IT Manager can finally look into the future without fear of any upcoming projects, thanks to Quest’s AD Heroes.

    For more information about the Active Directory Heroes or any of the Quest products mentioned, get in touch with our Quest Specialist Peter Brimble.

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