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The Public Sector year end is fast approaching and you can maximise your sales by offering a range of innovative, cost-effective and proven solutions via Sigma. Our vendors cover solutions from migration and Active Directory administration to database governance and security, and include Flexera, ManageEngine, Quest, SAP... to name a few.

If you want to be front of mind with Public Sector clients and maximise sales opportunities, take a look at this showcase and get in touch. We’ll find you the right products at the right price.

Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions. For the public sector - it's all about the user experience.

  • Minimise effort for filing
  • Speed up bureaucracy
  • Planning tools for next financial year
  • Contract and form management
  • Reports for stakeholders made simple

Get public sector-specific
capabilities built in, not bolted on.

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Budgets are always a critical concern for public sector organisations. Finding efficient solutions that help contain costs, while allowing critical work to be completed is always a priority. TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia help public sector organisations of all sizes get the work they need done at an affordable price.

TechSmith offers solutions for effective and clear communication, process documentation and training material creation. Effective communication saves employees time as they can simply explain a series of steps or report reoccurring problems with visuals, making it easy for other departments to see and know what’s happening. Creating process documentation and training material in-house helps organisations train employees more efficiently and reduces training costs as materials only need to be created once and can be changed internally when necessary.

Snagit is the leading screen capture solution, offering an easy way to provide feedback, edit images, create step-by-step instructions and long-lasting, re-usable content. It offers tools for clear communication and creating and sharing visuals for training, documentation, marketing, sales and more.

Camtasia gives users the ability to create professional videos that train, teach and sell. No formal training needed. It allows users to enhance videos with easy to use editing tools and share them with colleagues, students or clients.

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