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VNC Connect

Simple and secure remote access and support

VNC Connect is the industry’s most flexible and secure remote access and support software. Instant support and device access capabilities are available in a single subscription, enabling remote access and support for your entire organisation.

VNC Connect is for everyone in your organisation. Remote access enables colleagues, suppliers and customers to communicate more effectively, breaking down barriers and driving growth.

  • Remote workers
  • Departmental teams
  • IT support
  • Service desk technicians
  • Customers and suppliers

Powerful, flexible and ultra-secure remote access and support for the enterprise

The IT warrior, in charge of thousands of devices and support for customers or employees, defeating security threats, upgrading systems and providing a help desk service. You need a flexible and ultra-secure remote access and support strategy for your entire business. With an Enterprise subscription, you have the single tool you need to respond to your ever-changing business landscape.

Device access

Access business devices with VNC Connect installed any time, for ultra-secure and flexible teleworking, administration, IT support, collaboration, training and more.

Instant support

Support customers or employees without VNC Connect installed on demand

Want to buy VNC Connect for an end user?

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