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Simplify database development for MySQL environments.

Toad Edge

Open-source database management systems offer cost efficiency, deep functionality, high quality, excellent reliability and greater flexibility for development teams. Toad Edge – the next generation of Toad tooling – simplifies MySQL development and administration. It allows you to begin developing immediately using the intuitive Toad interface.

Easily connect to MySQL to:

  • View, explore and edit your database schema, objects and properties
  • View and manage your database users and privileges
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in a SQL worksheet
  • Compare and synchronise databases using schema compare
  • Synchronise to your file systems to make it easy to work with your version control
  • Work more easily with JSON data types using the JSON editor
  • View running SQL and other attributes with the session browser


Easy to implement
Easy-to-use Toad interface, shortening the learning curve and reducing risk

Database flexibility
Expand database possibilities to include open-source, on-site or cloud-based databases.

Object and user management
Easy management and editing of database objects and user privileges.

SQL worksheet and query monitor
Provides an environment for writing complex SQL code using a worksheet with content assist and displays currently running queries in real time.

Database Snapshot
Takes a snapshot of the database and compares and synchronises it with the current state of an active database


Toad Edge Data Sheet – PDF 189KB

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