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Toad DevOps Toolkit

Boost the velocity of your customers DevOps pipeline

Database development no longer has to be a bottleneck in the otherwise agile DevOps process of your customers. Quest Toad DevOps Toolkit makes it easy to execute key database development functions within the DevOps workflow, without compromising quality, performance and reliability.

It exposes key Toad for Oracle functionality as programmable objects, which means DevOps automation tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo can include database-related steps as part of continuous integration processes via DevOps scripts, speeding up project completion while ensuring code quality.


Faster DevOps pipeline
Synchronises database and application changes within your DevOps process to ensure deployment deadlines are met.

Better code quality
Leverages the power of Toad for Oracle to improve code quality during automated build processes by exposing key Toad functionality as programmable objects:

  • PL/SQL testing – Ensure functional correctness by running unit tests for all PL/SQL code in the build and reviewing pass/fail status.
  • Static code reviews – Improve quality and maintainability by performing static code reviews based on a pre-defined Code Analysis rule set and review the pass/fail status of quality level in the build based on pre-defined thresholds.
  • Database, schema and data compare – compare database configurations, schema objects and table data between source and target databases (such as dev and test), and generate sync scripts.
  • Script execution – promote build artifacts into the target environment as part of your customer’s continuous delivery process.

Choice of DevOps tools
Integrates with virtually any continuous integration and delivery tool, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Team Foundation Server

Easy deployment
Runs on any Windows machine connected to the build automation server and minimises disruption to the existing DevOps processes.

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