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Identify and protect data at rest

Illuminate scans locations where businesses store data, including on-premise shares, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online. It examines and automatically classifies the files it discovers, ensuring appropriate data protection is applied. It gathers extensive information about each file, building a data inventory to run analytics and identify risk areas.

  • Identify and understand enterprise data at rest
  • Automatically classify files based on content and context
  • Protect files with encryption and remediation options
  • Analyse results to better understand data
  • Enhance the ability of DLP, ERM and other security solutions to apply the appropriate controls based on classification

Identify and Protect
By identifying and classifying data at rest, organisations can engage the entire ecosystem of information security products. They can also engage end-users by building awareness of safe information handling and sensitivity as well as security policy.

Illuminate applies and detects metadata on data at rest, allowing enterprises to prove regulatory compliance. When used with third-party encryption and DRM software, enterprises can demonstrate use of best-of-breed technology and best practices with regards to regulations such as GDPR and the protection of personal data.

It can automatically embed or read Titus Classification metadata based on the set policies, saving time and resources in identifying and protecting data at rest. Scanning optimisation allows organisations to prioritise which files to process, ensuring that high-value assets are classified and protected first while allowing full visibility into the complete inventory of data at rest.

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