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TITUS Illuminate

Discover, Classify, Protect and Analyse Data at Rest

TITUS Illuminate helps you discover and identify your data at rest so you can apply classifications, including persistent metadata to secure your most valuable data.

  • Identify and understand your enterprise data at rest
  • Automatically classify files based on content and context
  • Protect files with encryption and remediation options
  • Analyse results to better understand your data
  • Enhance the ability of DLP, ERM, and other security solutions to apply the appropriate controls based on classification

It all starts with finding the data. Search network, Office 365 and cloud file shares, including OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box and Dropbox file shares to find your data where it resides

How sensitive is your data? Automatically identify the business value of data stored on premise and in the cloud, so you know what data you have and how to protect it

How do you prevent sensitive data from being shared inappropriately? Apply classification metadata to the file, helping users and security systems enforce security policy

How do you prevent unauthorised access to information? Apply protection to the files where they reside, quarantine files stored inappropriately, or flag files for follow-up where risks are identified

How much do you know about your data? Use the built-in dashboard or your own BI tool to see what your data is, where it is, and who has access to it

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