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Titus Accelerator for Privacy

Protect sensitive files and emails at creation with the use of machine learning

Titus Accelerator for Privacy helps businesses to find personally identifiable information (PII) within unstructured data and can offer suggestions for or even automatically determine its categorisation. It uses Deep Learning to categorise data and scans through content focusing on PII, using both words and the context surrounding those words to reduce false positives and increase organisational privacy programs and ecosystems.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy is the perfect way to optimise privacy, decrease risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Capabilities and benefits

  • Reduced Risk – dramatically enhances privacy protection and reduces risk by accurately and efficiently detecting personal data.
  • Privacy Compliance – meets long-term compliance requirements needs and can be deployed quickly, making it an ideal starting point for organisations starting their privacy journey.
  • Added Context to Data – embeds enriched metadata into files, allowing seamless integration with an organisation’s privacy and security ecosystem.
  • Downstream Protection – is part of an open ecosystem, ensuring the ability to choose best-of-breed technologies and services to protect a business’s most valuable data.
  • Optimised Workflow – provides a seamless user experience, alleviating a common barrier to successful data protection, which allows for optimised workflows and improved productivity.

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