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Teamwork Spaces

Make critical documents easier to find, easier to read and easier to edit

Teamwork Spaces is a smart document management solution that’s simple to navigate, offers great collaboration features and is one central place for all the important documentation within a company, a project or a team.  It is organised like a book and offers a required reading feature to allow for easier reading and making sure that everyone is up to date on the latest version. It integrates into Teamwork Projects, allowing the documentation related to a project to be in a central place for everyone to easily access.


  • Powerful editor – Teamwork Spaces offers a real-time collaborative environment, capable of displaying per-character changes made by everyone contributing to the page 
  • Required reading – Mark individual documents as Required Reading, which will then appear on an employee’s dashboard until they mark it as read 
  • Permission and user management – grant access to spaces on a case-by-case basis with tailored privacy settings to ensure that only the people that should have access have access 
  • Notifications – Keep your team in the loop with a range of notification options, including email and in-app notifications to easily communicate the creation, deletion and editing of spaces and pages. 
  • Activity stream – Quickly catch up on what has changes in a space and see all the updates, edits and engagements at a glance. 
  • Comments – comment on pages or inline within the document to contribute to discussions or highlight pieces of text for more effective communication 
  • Integration with Teamwork Projects  Update the task list from Teamwork Projects within Spaces without the need to switch apps and keep all the documents relevant to a project within one space, so everyone can easily access it.  
  • Confluence importer – Easily make the switch from Confluence by using our importer to transfer all your existing document to Teamwork Spaces.

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