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Teamwork CRM

A CRM software solution to support teams in closing deals

Teamwork CRM helps teams develop a sales process, plan and manage company growth and bring clarity to a chaotic pipeline.
It offers full visibility of the sales process to give more insights on how to accelerate and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
One central place to track everything from the first touch to winning the deal, teams will know where to focus their time and how each deal is progressing through every stage of the sales cycle. With increased visibility comes increased revenue. Teamwork CRM takes care of the logistics, so employees can focus on growing the company.

Teamwork CRM is the ideal solution for SMBs and helps them organise their processes, manage their pipeline, report on what matters and grow the bottom line.


  • Sales pipeline management – Get complete clarity over the pipeline and streamline the sales process by organising and prioritising deals to close them faster.
  • Reporting and forecasting – Track the metrics that matter to growing the business and increasing revenue. Monitor key metrics to get a better understanding of how the sales team are performing as well as accurately predicting future sales to help guide the pipeline and focus the sales team on their monthly targets.
  • Contact management – One place to store and access all prospects and customer contact information.
  • Integrations – It integrates beautifully with the other Teamwork products to allow teams to achieve more and focus on what they do best.

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