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SharePoint Manager Plus

The Complete Management and Auditing Solution for SharePoint

This SharePoint reporting and auditing tool puts you in control of your SharePoint implementation. Besides offering complete visibility of SharePoint infrastructure, it presents all the data it takes to manage it. Additionally, the tool tracks and alerts about changes to SharePoint server configurations and security settings.

  • SharePoint Security and Auditing
  • Effortless SharePoint Management
  • SharePoint Usage Analytics
  • SharePoint Reporting
  • Office 365 Management
  • Audit Log Archival

Features and Benefits

Enterprise-wide Visibility
From server farms to documents, every aspect of SharePoint infrastructure is identified and reported, no matter how wide the enterprise is. Nothing is missed irrespective of whether yours is an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud implementation.

Exclusive Reporting for SharePoint Online
Predefined, out-of-the-box reports for your SharePoint Online. Sample: Document Libraries with more than 1000 items/ Explicit Permissions/ Unmodified for 2 months.

Permission Tracking
The tool scans the entire farm(s) and reports in detail the different permissions a user holds on the different sites in the farm. (Directly assigned permissions are identified too.)

Tracking Changes to SharePoint Content
Changes to all SharePoint content – including changes to audit settings themselves, documents checked in/out along with timings –are captured and documented.

Security Configuration Change Auditing
From changes to groups to unique permissions set, every change critical to SharePoint access and security is audited.

Prompt Alerts for Better Security
The tool can be configured to alert any change (whether to content or security settings) in the SharePoint ecosystem.

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