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Find and resolve application problems before they become incidents

Server & Application Monitor (SAM) monitors applications and their supporting infrastructure, whether they are running on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Do not let slow applications and downtime impact your end-users and business services. Pinpoint the root cause of application issues across various layers of the IT stack.

Automatically discover an applications’ environment and start monitoring typically in about an hour.

This product is included in these software solutions:

Developer Solutions

Public Sector

Server and Virtualisation


Application Availability & Performance Monitoring

SolarWinds SAM supports monitoring over 200 applications right out of the box, including Windows, Linux, Java, Active Directory, SharePoint, Citrix and more. Users can easily extend monitoring to any custom or home-grown applications and leverage existing scripts to build new monitors

Application Dependency Mapping

Using the built-in AppStack dashboard, users get a contextual view of how applications are linked to other components within the IT infrastructure, including servers, virtual machines and storage systems. Easily visualise application dependencies across various layers of the IT stack to help users discover the root cause of application issues faster

Accelerate Problem Identification and Resolutions with Cross-stack IT Data Correlation

Whether users are looking at network interface utilisation, application performance counters, VM host memory utilisation, or storage IOPS, the PerfStack dashboard gives users the ability to compare these data types side by side. Simply drag and drop the metrics of interest to the chart, and the PerfStack dashboard will overlay them for easy correlation and performance analysis.

Monitor Cloud Applications

SolarWinds SAM is an agentless software that can be used to monitor applications, servers and virtual on-premise infrastructures. The optional agent deployment extends monitoring to the cloud, such as Amazon EC2m Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. The agent also helps monitor servers in remote locations (DMZ, behind NAT/firewall, over WAN, satellite connection etc), where agentless polling would be difficult.

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