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SAP SQL Anywhere

Manage Data for Embedded, Mobile, and Remote Environments

SAP SQL Anywhere helps businesses capture, manage, and synchronise data in real-world conditions – even when connectivity and technical staff are not available.

Getting data to and from remote business users presents unique challenges. Limited connectivity can bring work to a standstill, while thousands of locations continue to generate large amounts of data. SAP SQL Anywhere masters these complexities with comprehensive data management capabilities packed in a small, efficient footprint and sophisticated synchronization technology.


  • Create smarter systems for the Internet of Things
    SAP SQL Anywhere is capable of collecting data reliably from hundreds of thousands of touch points and delivering it securely and reliably into the SAP HANA platform for consolidation and analysis. With this information, users can create more revenue opportunities through data-driven business models.
  • Embed data management for mission-critical applications
    Add the power of comprehensive data management to applications to help them operate more efficiently. SAP SQL Anywhere allows users to create powerful, data-driven applications that enable ready performance and self-maintenance features.
  • Tap the power of SAP HANA at the front lines
    This solution enables companies to collect data and bring it back into environments consisting of SAP HANA or SAP Business Suite software. The data synchronisation technology of SAP SQL Anywhere helps ensure that transactions are replicated between the enterprise and large numbers of remote devices in a consistent and scalable fashion.
  • Extend the power of data to every point of action
    SAP SQL Anywhere delivers data quickly and reliably from the SAP HANA platform and other corporate applications to where you need it most – at the front line of the business.

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