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SAP Predictive Analytics

Anticipate the likelihood of future outcomes and steer the business in the right direction

SAP Predictive Analytics software brings predictive insights to business users, analysts, data scientists, and developers in your company. Unlock the potential of Big Data from virtually any source with the power of predictive automation. By automating the building and management of sophisticated predictive models to deliver insight in real time, this software makes it easier to make better, more profitable decisions across the enterprise.

Get accurate results in days, scale machine learning with the predictive factory and gain predictive insights on where people interact.


  • Accurate results in days, not weeks
    Enables users to be more productive and get accurate results by automating the entire predictive modeling process. Its data preperation capabilities allow users to create thousands of derived variables faster – and without writing a single line of code – from a wide variety of data sources, providing reusable predictive data sets.
  • Machine learning at scale
    The factory-based approach of SAP Predictive Analytics enables users to govern, manage, retrain, and score the probability of thousands of models in a browser-based, modern user interface and empowers users to ask more “what if” questions.
  • Predictive insights when and where users need them
    Allows users to deliver predictive results at decision-making points in systems and applications. With the open interface, users can generate predictive probability scoring for a wide variety of target systems and directly embed the results wherever they will be most useful (e.g. database, business processes, line-of-business solutions)

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