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SAP Information Steward

Impact the business with improved data stewardship and data integrity

SAP Information Steward combines data profiling, data lifecycle, and metadata management to gain continuous insight into the integrity of the enterprise data model. It helps users understand how the quality of data impacts business processes to enhance operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

It can empower IT and business users to collaborate, assess, analyse, and improve the trustworthiness of enterprise information, as well as identify opportunities to save money by minimising the need for data cleanup downstream.


  • Continuously monitor and share data quality metrics
    SAP Information Steward features a role-based user interface that enables business users and data stewards to monitor data quality in real-time and see how data measures up to current information governance rules and standards.
  • Discover the benefits of investing in data quality
    It provides key metrics to help stakeholders understand the quality of data. It offers a simple, visual overview of data benchmarks such as integrity, uniqueness, conformity, completeness, and accuracy so business users and IT staff can better understand how data quality levels impact day-to-day business operations.
  • Define business rules for effective information governance
    Supports sound governance processes that help define data ownership in accordance with the organisation’s needs, roles, and accountability principles.


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