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Gain value with faster, more efficient transactional systems

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) can handle massive volumes of data and thousands of concurrent users to accelerate the growth of new data-driven business applications. It helps your customers drive value with a faster, more efficient transactional system that is designed to meet the demand of the digital economy.

It processes millions of transactions quickly to accelerate business growth, protects customer and partner data and lowers costs and increases profitability through operational efficiencies.


  • Boost transaction processing to enable new modes of business
    SAP ASE offers scalable, high-performance transaction processing capabilities to power everything from in-app mobile phone purchases to RFID sensors triggering inventory purchases.
  • Maintain business continuity and shield data from threats
    Data replication, encryption, and security technologies are built into SAP ASE, protecting your customer’s data from unexpected disruptions and security breaches from within and outside the organisation.
  • Simplify data management on-premise and in the cloud
    By simplifying data management, digital businesses can achieve lower costs and improved efficiencies while coping with rapid data growth, high transaction volumes, and large numbers of users.
  • Innovate with a choice of deployment options
    To meet your customer’s requirements, SAP ASE can be extended with the following options: SAP HANA; SAP ASE, database MemScale option; SAP ASE, database always-on option; SAP ASE, workload analyzer option.

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