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ReadyAPI Virtualization

Reduce dependencies and enable rapid development and testing

Virtualisation in ReadyAPI Virtualization helps deliver great applications on time and under budget. Using service virtualisation helps to speed up release cycles by developing and testing in parallel, overcome 3rd party downtime, rate limits and overage fees and perform integration and isolated testing safely.

It supports many popular services and protocol including HTTP, REST, SOAP, JMS and JDBC.


  • Easily create virtual services – create virtual services from scratch or use an existing service to generate a virtual service.
  • Enable parallel testing and development – run as many virtual services as needed locally, enabling the local development to continue without barriers.
  • Customise virtual service actions – set up the requests and associated responses for each virtual service to simulate exact conditions based on testing needs.
  • Simulate server-side behaviour – configure specific behaviour by setting bandwidth constraints, error conditions and response time ranges.
  • Create data-driven virtual services – enhance virtual services by using test data from external sources like Excel, a delimited file, or a grid.
  • Service recording & fast switching – use high performance routing capabilities in ReadyAPI Virtualization to record traffic as a mock and perform fault isolation.
  • Generate dynamic mock data – generate data on-the-fly for long running tests based on a set of criteria and quickly set up the ability to generate responses from the virtual API.
  • Simplify advanced routing – create simple rules to turn static mocks into quickly designed virtual services.

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