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Patch Manager Plus

Automated Patch Management

Patch Manager Plus can help find all missing patches and vulnerable systems on a network and provides the necessary information needed for successful patch management. Patch Manager Plus provides real-time patch management metrics such as patch status dashboards, patch compliance audits, patch management reports.

Features and Benefits

Patch over 750 applications
Deploy patches to Windows, Mac, Linux platforms and third-party applications. Seamlessly patch desktops, laptops, servers, roaming devices, and virtual machines, all from a single interface.

Automate patch management
Reduce the time spent on patch management by automating everything from scanning and assessment to deployment and reporting. Test patches and approve deployment to production environments automatically.

Meet unique deployment needs
Configure deployment policies to install patches during non-business
hours. Decline patches to specific groups and departments.

Identify and report on patch compliance
Gain greater visibility into patch compliance and patch status of endpoints with flexible, real-time audits and reporting. Utilise customisable query reports, dashboards, and views.

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