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Password Manager Pro MSP

Passwords on spreadsheets put customers at risk

Password Manager Pro MSP is a web-based privileged identity management solution that helps service providers secure their clients’ privileged accounts, control and monitor privileged access to client networks, and adopt stringent security best practices. The solution’s multi-tenant architecture also enables MSPs to manage multiple clients’ IT assets from a single console, while still achieving complete segregation.

Features and Benefits

Securely store client passwords
Securely manage the privileged passwords of customers’ IT assets from a single console, while completely segregating customers’ data.

Selectively share passwords
Selectively share passwords between MSP administrators and their respective customers.

Launch direct connections
Launch direct connections to remote IT resources, websites, and applications, without the pain of manually entering login credentials.

Automatically reset passwords
Automatically reset resource passwords for servers, databases, network devices, and more.

Control access to client networks
Ensure that users only get access to the passwords they own or are shared with them.

Achieve concurrent controls
Entrust the control of the password vault to the MSP administrator, the end user, or both.

Gain visibility on password access
Get a complete picture of who has access to what passwords through intuitive reports.

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