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Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

Parallels® Desktop for Mac Pro Edition is the easiest and most powerful application to run Windows on Mac for developers, testers and experienced power users. Run any Windows application inside a virtual machine, or develop and test your app or website across dozens of different OSes. Quickly troubleshoot using the Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in or network simulator. Powerful performance lets you run Visual Studio or Microsoft Office with lightning speed. Enjoy nested virtualization and guest OS debugging. Includes 30+ tools to simplify everyday tasks on Mac and Windows: clean your drive, secure private files, take screenshots or download a video, all with a single click.

Multiple Browsers

Have Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11, and Microsoft® Edge right on dev machines — and all running at the same time. Run incompatible browsers in separate installations of Windows in separate VMs. Plus, test in all of them simultaneously using the most popular web development tools (Dreamweaver®, WordPress, Microsoft® Expression, and more). If your clients regularly use multiple IE versions, try out the Launch tool in Parallels® Toolbox to launch them all at once and save time. (Parallels Toolbox is included with purchases of Parallels Desktop Pro Edition.)

Network Conditioning

How does your clients site behave when the server’s bandwidth is constrained or noisy, or the client’s network is slow? With the network conditioning feature of Parallels Desktop Pro Edition, users can easily throttle down the speed of the server or the client, as long as they are in a VM. They can even artificially introduce noise in the network by dropping a percentage of packets.

Develop Menu

Access the Develop menu by selecting “Software Development” as the VM profile, or by enabling “Show Developer Tools” in the VM configuration. From the menu bar, select Develop> and choose from the following tools.

Start SSH Session: Quickly start an SSH session with the VM. This command requires an SSH server running on the VM; calls ‘ssh <vm_ip>’ command in Terminal.

Open in Browser: Test and open your website in one click.

Start Debugging Session: Start a debugging session directly from Parallels Desktop. Note: Parallels Desktop supports lldb as a debugging front end. It should be installed with the XCode command line tools or XCode.

Generate a Core Dump: Generate the VM memory dump.

Visual Studio Plugin

Debug in a safe, isolated environment. The Parallels plugin for Visual Studio allows users to develop software in one virtual machine and test it in others with just one click. To start remote debugging of the project, build the project and test it locally. Then click Parallels > Start Debugging in the VM and select the relevant virtual machine.

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