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Simplified SaaS-based cloud backup, recovery and policy management

As cloud footprints expand, the risk and complexity of securing, managing and ensuring compliance for multiple environments increases.

Quest On Demand offers an integrated SaaS-based platform that enables users to:

  • Recover Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups and group membership
  • Visualise the difference between backups and your live Azure AD environment
  • Enforce Exchange Online policies and configurations
  • Dramatically simplify Skype for Business Online policy management based on AD group membership


On Demand Recovery for Azure

  • Easily back up Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups and group membership. Best of all, you get to choose the backup retention period that best meets your company’s compliance needs, so you never have to worry about not getting back what you need.
  • Only restore what’s required — either the entire user account or just the user attributes. This reduces the risk of manual error and ensures all recovery related tasks are auditable.
  • Safely restore Azure AD and Office 365 groups and group memberships — including nested groups.
  • Restore multiple users, groups and group memberships at the same time without requiring PowerShell scripting. You’ll be able to recover resources faster than before and remove the need to access multiple admin interfaces in Office 365 or Azure AD.
  • Recreate hard-deleted objects that have bypassed the recycle bin. Now you can easily restore Azure AD and Office 365 objects that have been accidentally — or maliciously — deleted.

On Demand Policy Management for Exchange Online

  • Control mobile settings for mail (such as device pin and remote wipe) to simplify mobile management and security.
  • Govern the maximum age of a mail item before it’s deleted to meet mailbox retention policies.
  • Easily manage features for the Outlook Web App client from a single, centralised location.
  • Oversee the sharing of calendar information outside your organisation to protect internal information and simplify communications.
  • Regulate the segregation of your Exchange Address Book (GAL) to keep work and personal contacts separate.

On Demand Policy Management for Skype for Business Online

  • Dynamically enforce Skype for Business Online business policies based on AD group membership. Now you can secure your communications and remove the  need to manage policies on an account basis. Policies are also automatically assigned/removed from users based on their group membership, so you can eliminate the need for complex, manual processes.
  • Automatically create audit records to ensure compliance with corporate governance and regulatory policies.
  • Enable IT to understand which Skype for Business Online policies have been applied to which users over what period of time so it’s easy to prove compliance with all mandated policies.
  • Eliminate the need to write and maintain complex PowerShell scripts for policy enforcement with centralised policy creation and life cycle management.

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