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Real-time network utilisation and bandwidth monitoring

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) allows users to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic and convert those raw numbers into easy to interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, who is using it and for what purpose.

This product is included in these software solutions:

Public Sector


Network traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring
Monitor interface-level network bandwidth and traffic patterns with up to one-minute granularity

Bandwidth use by user, application, protocol and IP address group
See which users, applications, protocols or IP address groups are consuming the most bandwidth

Cross-stack network data correlation
Accelerate identification of root cause by dragging and dropping network performance metrics on a common timeline

Network traffic forensics and customisable reports
Analyse traffic patterns over time and create custom in-depth reports with just a few clicks

Border gateway protocol and CBQoS performance views
View balance of network traffic across providers and measure the effectiveness of CBQoS policies

Integrated fault, performance and configuration management
Seamlessly integrate with Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager

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